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Minutes - August 6, 2019


BOA members present:  Griff Fenton, Jay Fowler, Larissa Thomas, Jon VanAmringe and Michael Jordan


Alternate member present:  Brett Jones


Other attendees: Marion Arnold, Richard Arnold, Mark Harris, Robert Harris, Mary Beth Harris, Laura Lyell and Ken Ogden


1: Meeting was called to order by Mr. Fenton at 6:33 PM


2: Consideration of Minutes:  Motion to approve minutes for 6/13/2019 made by Jay, second by Jon    Vote   5-0


3: Appeal Received – Arnold vs Code Enforcement Officer regarding certificate of compliance issued to Map 16 Lot 48-1


    A:  Determination of Jurisdiction


         Griff stated that the Lamoine Building and Land Use Ordinance (BLUO) does not give the BOA jurisdiction to hear appeals against the Lamoine Licensed Plumbing Inspector (LPI).       

         After some discussion a motion was made ”That the Lamoine BOA does not have jurisdiction to hear this appeal”.      Motion was made by Jay, Jon second the motion     Vote: 5-0


          Mike made a motion “That the appeal is denied”, Jay second     Vote   5-0


 4: Request from James Collier   re: service agreement


     Griff said that the Board of Selectmen took this up at their last meeting so this is only informational


5: Friends of Lamoine v. MacQuinn – any action required?


     Griff stated that it is still in the court system so there is nothing for the BOA to do


6: Other matters for public discussion -   None


7: Next meeting –


     A: Towne v CEO   8-20-2019@ 6:30 PM  

     B: Moldawer v. CEO   9-25-2019@6:30 PM


8:  Adjourn – 7:26 PM     Motion by Jay, second by Mike     Vote 5-0