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Minutes - December 7, 2016


Meeting came to order at 8:05

Present: Mike Jordan and Terry Towne; Absent: Jane Fowler

1) We met with Alfred Sandelli and answered his questions about how his 2 lots, Map 14, Lots 56 and 66, were being assessed. His concern was that he was being assessed as if a septic system had been installed. We showed him each property card which showed that there were no improvements being assessed on either lot. He appeared to be satisfied and left with an Abatement Request form.

2) Minutes of October 26, 2016 and November 9, 2016It was moved and seconded with a unanimous vote to approve.

3)    Meadow Point Road Association members requests for lot consolidation, Map 14. Because Terry Towne has a conflict of interest, being one of the requests, and the prolonged absence of Jane Fowler due to illness, therefore lacking a quorum, it was decided to let the town's assessing agent review the request. Mike Jordan will compose the request to be forwarded to the agents.

3)    The tax exempt status of Lamoine Grange was discussed because the building was now being leased. It was moved and seconded with a unanimous decision to have Terry Towne draft a letter to the Grange requesting pertinent information consistent with state statute for consideration of their tax exempt status, Title 36, 652. The letter will be reviewed at the January 4, 2017 meeting.

4)   It was discussed and decided a memo was not needed to be forwarded to the Budget Committee about the coming year's Assessing compensation because Stu Marckoon has already returned that to the 2015 rate.

5)    It was moved and seconded with a unanimous vote to accept RJD Associates' proposal for 2017 assessing agent daily fees.

6) It was moved, seconded and voted unanimously to have Terry Towne draft a memo to the Board of Selectmen about the Assessors' recommendation of having the town reevaluated. The memo will be reviewed at the January 4, 2017 meeting. The Assessors do not feel that there is a need at this time and that the values are consistent with present market values and the state sales ratio is very good at above 95%.

7) There was a discussion about the potential of some land currently being taxed under Farm Land Current Use Tax Law that could being going to the town and what would be the implications of that change of ownership. It was decided to reread the current use law to better understand the legal requirement if and when this was to occur.

8) Due to time constraints, it was decided to review the Rhyne County Commissioners' decision, in which the Board of Assessors' prevailed, until the January 4, 2017 meeting.

Adjourned at 9:55

Respectfully submitted,

_____  Terry Towne

_____  Michael Jordan