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Board of Assessors

Agenda, Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - 3:00 PM - Lamoine Town Hall

  1. Consideration of the January 4, 2017 minutes.

  2. Consider Mr. Rhyne's abatement request, Map 10, Lot 8-5.

  3. Review draft letter to Lamoine Grange asking for evidence for continued tax exemption, as discussed in the January 4, 2017 meeting. (MRSA 36 652)

  4. Review draft letter to Trustee, Paul Dillon, Map 7, Lots 29 & 33, Farmland Use Tax Application, as discussed in the January 4, 2017 meeting. (MRSA 36, 1101-1121)

  5. Schedule and Assign Quarterly Review Responsibilities to Board Members.

  6. Review status of having the town's assessing agent review the request for lot consolidation by members of the Meadow Point Road Association, Map 14.

  7. Other matters for public discussions.