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Lamoine Budget Committee Minutes

November 13, 2006

Chairman Henry Ashmore called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Present were: Budget Committee members Henry Ashmore, Reggie McDeivtt, Linda Feury , Joseph Young Jr., Hubene Brodie, Robin Veysey ; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Cable TV Tech Bill Butler, Selectmen Richard Fennelly Jr., Jo Cooper, Brett Jones, Cynthia Donaldson, Parks Commission members Christa Brey, Steve Valleau , Kerry Galeaz, Bonnie Moretto (briefly), and Merle Bragdon.

Minutes – Reggie moved to approve the minutes of October 30, 2006 as presented. Linda 2nd . Vote in favor was 6-0.

Parks Budget – Parks Commission chair Kerry Galeaz said the proposed budget is 141% higher due to a paving project at Lamoine Beach. He said there were no needs at Marlboro Beach other than they've started a fund-raising letter and a third of the cost is allocated to each park. He said the budget for Bloomfield Park is less. He said the extent of the work they propose is to put in a sign and to move some rocks. He said trash pickup is increased to $4/week.

Mr. Galeaz said Lamoine Beach has the greatest needs. He said the committee looked at the infrastructure and determined that handicapped access paths and parking stalls should be fixed up. He said that represents $5,208 of the budget. He said there are some small items at the bathroom they'd like to address. A short discussion followed on septic tank pumping. Mr. Galeaz re-stated that the majority of the budget request is at Lamoine Beach .

Henry asked about mowing the area for boat trailer parking and overflow parking. Mr. Galeaz explained that the area was once used for boat trailers and had been filled with gravel for that purpose. Henry said the mowing was a new item, and a short discussion followed on the configuration of that parking area and on drainage issues.

Henry asked if the hand sanitizer at the outhouse was new. Mr. Galeaz said it was, as was a covered toilet paper holder. There was discussion about getting the holders/dispensers free if the paper and soap were purchased from the supplier.

Reggie asked if the kiosk signs have been installed yet. Mr. Galeaz said they are still in the design phase. A short discussion followed.

Reggie noted that mowing costs were up. Mr. Galeaz said they were up a bit this year. A short discussion followed about mowing the parks.

Hubene said the ideas from the Parks Commission are well and good, but vandalism has been a problem at Lamoine Beach . Mr. Galeaz said they would try to make the facilities nicer, within reason, and that might foster some respect. He said there would always be an element of vandalism. A short discussion followed. Stu said while the vandalism is a pain to deal with, he generally only had to replace toilet paper holders and maybe spent about $30 a year on replacement items.

Reggie said when he was on the parks commission they had to fight for years just to get $500 for the park. He suggested charging a fee to use the park because it caters generally to out of staters. Brett asked how much it would cost to man a booth to collect a fee. Jo said the town could put in a donation jar. She said she agreed there would be less chance of vandalism to the park if it were taken care of. Discussion followed on possible fees, and locking up the park/toilet at night and who would maintain that.

Joe asked about the handicapped paths. Mr. Galeaz said they were done by an Eagle Scout a few years ago. Stu said they were refurbished, but did not get paved. Mr. Galeaz said the pavement is all broken up and in disrepair. He said they would like to deal with what is there and put some parking stalls in, which is pretty costly.

A very brief discussion took place about the future of the boat ramp. Robin asked about the fund raising letter response. Mr. Galeaz said they'd raised about $750 from that, plus another $400 from the Flat-Top 5K road race. He said this is a relatively new committee and they're still looking at ways to raise money and share costs.

Fire Budget

Fire Chief George “Skip” Smith read down through the budget line by line. There were brief discussions on the following items:

•  Chief's Salary (typo in the narrative, should be $1,200)

•  Personnel Pay (discussed number of new members, turnover)

•  Body Work

•  Radio Maintenance

•  Inoculation Program

•  Station Repairs

•  Oils/Fluids

•  Foam

•  Pagers (discussed rental vs. buying, age of pagers)

•  Turnout Gear (discussed capital projects list)

A telephone call came into the town office asking where the money raised privately at the fire department auction and supper goes. Chief Smith said the money has been used to buy trucks, supplement gear, and just recently install a generator at the fire station. He said all the money goes to supplement the annual town budget.

Reggie asked why a generator was included in next year's budget. Stu said the generator was in the capital needs list generated a couple years ago. A short discussion followed about the capital needs list, and it was requested to put a date on it. Chief Smith went over the first department needs on the list. It was decided to remove the generator, as that has already been purchased, replace the $200,000 mini pumper with a $50,000 forestry truck. The roof is no longer needed as that was replaced. Turnout gear would remain on the list as would a tanker truck. A short discussion followed on airpacks.

Ambulance – Linda asked if we could get a number on the amount of runs made to Lamoine in a year. Stu said he didn't know but would ask. A short discussion followed on how County Ambulance responds to calls in Lamoine.

Dispatching – Richard asked about the RCC dispatching fee. Stu explained how the Regional Communications Center (RCC) came about, and why it is not fully funded by the county government charge.

Cable TV Budget – Stu said there was no written explanation, the budget is proposed to be the same as the current fiscal year. Henry said the committee felt it was important to include the Cable TV operation in the town budget. He said the money from the franchise fee more than offsets the expenditure budget. He said the Cable TV account will eventually buy equipment for the school or for the town office.

Capital Budget – There was a fairly extensive discussion of the capital budget developed last budget season. It was felt that some of the projects should stay on the list as placeholders, even if there are no plans at this time to move forward with them (i.e. salt/sand shed).

Land Purchase Budget Request – Stu said he found a memo from Mike Garrett after putting the packets together and put a copy on the table tonight. The Budget Committee said they would like a representative from the Land Conservation Initiative to attend their next meeting. Jo Cooper briefly explained the concept.

Fund Balances – The Committee briefly reviewed the cash balances in the various fund balances. It was noted that the Portable Classroom Maintenance Fund would not be needed after next year as the buildings become property of the school department. A brief discussion followed on whether that fund should be closed into the general fund.

A short discussion followed about maintenance at the East Lamoine Cemetery .

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Secretary