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Minutes of December 3, 2012

Chair Robin Veysey called the meeting to order at 6:31 PM

Present were: Budget Committee members Kathleen DeFusco, Cece Ohmart, Robin Veysey, Merle Bragdon; Secretary Stu Marckoon, Parks Commissioners Kerry Galeaz, Christa Brey, YMCA Executive Director Peter Farragher and Selectman Jo Cooper (arrived 7:10 PM)

Minutes of November 26, 2012 Merle moved to approve the minutes as distributed. Kathy 2nd . Vote in favor was 3-0 (Ohmart abstained)

Parks Budget Review Parks Commission chair Kerry Galeaz said the budget is pretty straight forward, there are no major projects planned for the next fiscal year. He said they do plan to put concrete pads under the trash barrels at Lamoine Beach and Bloomfield Parks and to chain the new picnic tables down.

Merle noted the budget for Bloomfield Park is substantially lower. Mr. Galeaz said the road grading in the current year budget is no planned for the next fiscal year.

Robin asked if the Parks Commission proposed to use any money accumulated in the Parks Fund. Mr. Galeaz said they don't want to use any money unless it's for a major capital project, and would prefer to let the fund continue to grow. He said the Parks Commission is not participating in the Blunt's Pond Ice Fishing Derby this year the only planned fund raiser at this point is the Flattop 5K road race. Merle said he agreed with the use of the parks fund. Robin asked if there were any major projects on the horizon. Mr. Galeaz said he didn't see anything big. He said the commission talked about replacing trash cans, but the barrels now in place look pretty good, and the parks themselves are where they need to be. He noted that the kiosk at Bloomfield Park got hit by a car and rocks have been strategically placed in front of it. There were brief discussions about paving the Lamoine Beach Parking lot and use of the Hodgkins Fund for projects.

Downeast Family YMCA Y Executive Director Peter Farragher told the Budget Committee about the various activities at the facility. He said the partnership between the Y and Lamoine has been in place for a long time, and the request is for the same amount of funding. He said Lamoine citizens get a membership discount which saves townspeople $11,000 a year, and non-members can participate in programs at a lower supporting community rate. He said there are scholarships and the facility is free to use on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1PM to 4PM for residents. He said the Y is running a successful after-school program at the Lamoine School with 16 students enrolled which is helpful for working parents.

Cemeteries Stu explained that the budget is mostly for care of Veterans' graves and mowing Marlboro Cemetery. He said the Marlboro Cemetery Association is attempting to re-form, but has yet to do so, thus the town has been picking up the cost of mowing as the town must provide for care of Veterans' graves.

Ellsworth Library Request No one representing the Ellsworth Public Library was present. Stu said he e-mailed the library with the meeting date and time. There was a discussion about the possible reasons why the request was significantly higher than the previous year. Merle said the Ellsworth library is still a great value for the town. He said about 20% of the residents are card holders and running our own library would be extremely expensive.

Road Budget The committee reviewed the proposed road maintenance budget. Robin asked about the request to paint stripes on Buttermilk Road. Stu said it's pretty expensive, and would have to be maintained each year. Merle said he didn't think it was worth $5,000.

Merle said the proposed budget is pretty routine stuff. There was a brief discussion about the plowing contract which expires after this winter season and the escalator that is built into the contract for an extraordinary increase in fuel prices and/or the number of plowing events.

The proposed paving projects on Walker Road and the Transfer Station were briefly reviewed.

Revenue Budget There was a brief discussion about the impact of state revenues on Municipal Revenue Sharing which is projected to decrease by 10-percent. Merle noted that investment interest, while lower than past years, is doing OK. The use of $100,000 from the surplus account was discussed and Stu handed out the FY 2012 audit which showed a $380,000 level in undesignated fund balance. Stu reported the Assessors have entered an agreement on two tree growth appeals which is covered by the overlay from the current fiscal year property tax amounts.

Adm- Health Insurance Merle said the proposed increase by MMA of 7.5% is actually a pretty reasonable rate. Stu said he was unsure what impact the federal health insurance requirement had on the rate. He said that was part of the reason for becoming part of the MMA plan.

Next Meeting The next meeting will be December 17, 2012 with Social Service agency requests, High School Extra Tuition and Shellfishing enforcement on the agenda. Stu said he would try to get someone from the library to attend. Robin noted she was not able to attend that meeting.

Stu said the budget submissions have not contained any significant changes from what the Selectmen received and discussed a few weeks ago.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Secretary