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Minutes - April 23, 2018 (Draft, subject to correction)

The meeting came to order at approximately 6:30 PM.


Present were:  Robin Veysey, Merle Bragdon, Marion McDevitt, Brett Jones, Michael Brann, Gordon Donaldson, Robert Pulver, Katrina Kane, Dawn McPhail.  Also attending was the director of special education, Adam Rabasca.  Administrative Assistant to the Selectmen Stu Marckoon arrived approximately 6:45 PM.


The minutes of the December 19, 2017, Budget Committee meeting was approved by a vote of three to none.


Superintendent Katrina Kane presented the School Board budget.  Highlights include:


The most significant increase in the budget is the regular education line item.  This category is up $152,465.04, or 11.61%, primarily due to the secondary education line item.  There are ten additional students attending various high schools next year and coupled with increased tuition fees, this line item is up $150,609.52.


The special education budget is up $59,607.51, or 10.74%.  However, much of the increase will be offset by tuition paid to Lamoine from surrounding towns.


The school budget contains a new line, Capital Renewal Expense.  Maintenance expenses totaling more than $1,000 will be paid from this line.


Overall, the school budget of $2,913,695.99, is up $228,520.06, or an increase of 8.51%, largely due to the increase in the Secondary Instruction budget.


Merle made a motion to recommend to the Board of Selectmen that the Budget Committee recommends a total School Budget of $2,913,695.99, as made up of individual departmental expense and revenue line items.  Marion 2nd.  Vote in favor was unanimous.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned approximately 7:40 PM


Respectfully submitted,



Merle Bragdon