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Minutes - December 10, 2018


Chair Robin Veysey called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM


Present were:  Budget Committee members Merle Bragdon, Robin Veysey, Tiffany McMullen, Fire Chief George “Skip” Smith, Parks Commissioners Jeff Cosulich Cathie Goebel, Stacy Brown (Downeast Community Partners), Stu Marckoon.


Budget Committee members Marion McDevitt and Connie Bender left phone messages saying they were unable to attend due to illness.


Minutes – November 28, 2018 – The minutes were approved as written following a motion from Merle, a 2nd from Tiffany and a unanimous vote in favor.


Social Service Agencies – Stu reported there was no request received from the American Red Cross this year.  He said there was just one request from Downeast Community Partners. Stacy Brown of Downeast Community Partners said WHCA and Downeast Family Opportunities merged, so there was just a single request.   Stu noted that last year the VNA Home Health Hospice did not get a request in on time last year, but did this year.  Mrs. Brown asked if there were any questions.  Stu asked why the single request.  Mrs. Brown said it was because of the merger.


A discussion followed regarding the overall recommendation limit and the individual limit.


Ellsworth Public Library – Tiffany asked about the library request.  Stu said the library and the YMCA are not limited by the ordinance as they provide a municipal service.  Merle said the request is based on the number of card holders according to the letter received.  He said it’s a great resource, especially since Lamoine does not have its own library.


Downeast Family YMCA – Merle noted the $3,000 request is the same as the previous years.  Robin noted that amount has stayed steady for many years.   Merle noted that 241 Lamoine citizens are members of the “Y”.


Fire Department – Merle said the fire department does more than respond to fire calls.  Stu said the department is the only agency in town that can respond in a hurry to any of a variety of urgent needs. 


Robin said it appears that there are some additional volunteer firefighters.  Chief Skip Smith said a few new members have joined recently.  Robin asked if there is anything major upcoming.  Chief Smith said they’re getting the new ladder truck ready to go into service.  He said there is nothing outrageously expensive proposed for the budget.  He said that he has taken advantage of an opportunity from the Ellsworth Fire Department to purchase ten new airpacks for Lamoine for $3,000 at less than half the cost of new units.  He said Ellsworth is changing to a new type of airpack.  He said the current year budget has enough ($8,000) to purchase about 3, and the proposed budget for 2019/20 has enough for two.  He said the Lamoine VFD Corporation will pay up front for the airpacks, and would like to see the town reimburse the fire department for half the cost.  He said the fire department was planning to upgrade a lot of the air bottles in a couple of years and this will avoid that cost for the most part. 


Tiffany asked if the cost-sharing was included in the proposed budget.  Chief Smith explained about the cost sharing, and hoped that the next year budget would be enough to cover half the cost.  After a discussion, it was agreed to increase the airpack purchase line to $7,000, which, when combined with the current year budget would cover half of the $30,000 airpack purchase expenditure.


The Budget Committee briefly discussed the hose and ladder testing budget item which is up.  The station maintenance line was also up, and Chief Smith said it was to cover the cost of painting the apparatus bay floor, which is in need of a coat of paint. 


Stu explained the remainder of the public safety lines, including the ambulance contract line.  He said the town meeting had budgeted at $10/capita in anticipation of a new agreement with County Ambulance.  He said County ceased operations in August, and the town is now contracted with Capital/Northern Light at $9/capita for the current year with a 3% increase annually during the life of the contract.   He said dispatch with Hancock County RCC is up minimally, and Animal Control remains the same.


Robin asked if there might be anything unusual coming up soon.  Chief Smith said at some point the fire station should add on meeting room space on the first floor due to accessibility issues.  He said there is a goal to add a large water tank at the facility from which to fill fire trucks quickly with clean water, but that will hinge upon the school moving the portable classroom.  Stu noted that the community center concept discussion will be starting soon, and this might fall under that.


Parks/Recreation/Cemeteries – Parks Commission Chair Cathie Goebel said the only changes to the current fiscal year budget are for road work on the roads leading into Bloomfield Park and Marlboro Beach Park.  Robin noted that those lines account for all of the increase to the parks budget.


Merle asked about the proposed playground equipment at Lamoine Beach Park.  Robin said there are some fundraising efforts that will take place for that.  Stu said he budgeted for use of the Hodgkins Trust Fund to offset the expense in the capital improvement budget.  Discussion followed on placement of the playground and construction matters associated with it. 


Recreation – Stu said he’d not received a budget yet from the Recreation Committee and had just plugged in the same numbers as the current fiscal year.


Cemeteries – Stu said the cemetery budget has no change from the current year.


Shellfishing Enforcement – Stu reported there is no change proposed to the $3,000.00 budget according to the Shellfish Committee chair.


Next Meeting – The Budget Committee will meet on December 17, 2018 at 7PM.  On the agenda will be final recommendations and the Recreation Budget.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM


Respectfully submitted,




Stu Marckoon, Secretary