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Minutes - April 24, 2019 (Draft, subject to correction)


Chair Robin Veysey called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


Present were: Budget Committee Members, Marion McDevitt, Connie Bender, Tiffany McMullen, Robin Veysey, Merle Bragdon, Secretary Stu Marckoon, Superintendent of Schools Katrina Kane, School Principal Dawn McPhail, School Committee members Brett Jones, Gordon Donaldson, Bob Pulver and Michael Brann


Minutes – December 17, 2018 – Merle moved to approve the minutes as presented.  Connie 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0.


School Budget Review – Superintendent Katrina Kane reviewed the 14 section of the school expenditure budget.  She said it was a positive budget development process.  She said it’s a great school and a great community.  She said there is a new Skills USA program operating.  She said Lamoine was the top performing school in Hancock County. 


Superintendent Kane highlighted the proposed budget expenditure categories as follows:



Superintendent Kane reviewed the revenues page, and noted a significant increase in EPS funding.  She said increased Special Education costs two years ago led to the EPS increase.


Superintendent Kane noted that the budget format is the same as last year. 


Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon said he plugged the school budget into the overall budget, and the needed tax commitment is nearly the same as the 18/19 fiscal year.  Superintendent Kane noted that the EPS figure is not final.


Stu reported that he submitted testimony in favor of the “Raise the Floor” effort by minimum receiver towns. 


School Committee member Gordon Donaldson said Special Education at secondary schools seems to be driving the budget increases.  He said the Lamoine budget is about 25% special education. He said he would like to see the state pick up more of that cost.  A discussion followed on special education.


School Committee member Brett Jones said Lamoine is the top performing school in Hancock County and credited the staff with helping to make that happen.


Merle asked what the school census was.  Principal McPhail said it’s a small incoming Kindergarten Class so far, with only 8 new registrants that she knows of.  A discussion followed on student numbers.  Superintendent Kane discussed the role of the Special Education Director and the possibility of a future Pre-K program


Recommendation – Merle moved to recommend in favor of proposed articles 4-through-16 on the proposed town meeting warrant in the same amount as the school committee budget.  Tiffany 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0.


Validation Referendum – Dr. Donaldson noted that three years has passed since the town last voted on whether to continue with the validation referendum, and the school committee wishes to put that question to voters again in June.  He said the school committee is strongly recommending that voters cast a no vote on that question.  A lengthy discussion followed on how that question is worded and the need for publicity on the school board’s position.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Stu Marckoon, Secretary, Lamoine Budget Committee