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I. Purpose and Scope


1.        The purpose of the public access channel is to provide the residents of Lamoine with an increased awareness to town government functions and an opportunity to benefit from and participate in the utilization of the cable television medium for cultural enrichment, enhanced community spirit, and improved quality of life.


2.        This policy is intended to encourage and facilitate public access by defining eligibility, procedures, responsibilities and technical standards with the intent to provide general and uniform access at low cost and with minimal burden on the users of public access.


3.        The Town of Lamoine Administrative Assistant may adopt additional procedures and forms governing the use of  LCTV equipment, scheduling of programs and other matters, provided such procedures and forms are not inconsistent with this policy.


II. General Guidelines


1.        Any individual who is a resident of the Town of Lamoine (verification may be required) may use, on his or her behalf, or on behalf of any unincorporated organization, association, or group, the LCTV Studio, its equipment, training programs and access channel.  An individual representing an unincorporated organization, association, or group should identify the organization, association or  group but must act as an individual and assume all the responsibilities this policy imposes on individuals.


Any not-for-profit organization doing business in Lamoine and providing services in the Town may use the LCTV Studio and its equipment, training programs and its access channel to produce programs for the organization.


Any governmental entity may use the LCTV Studios, its equipment, training programs and access channel.


2.        Any user of the facility must: be at least 18 years of age or, if a minor, have a legal responsibility form signed by a parent or legal guardian and permission of the Lamoine Administrative Assistant, AND satisfactorily complete the training program offered through LCTV before he or she may use the facility and/or equipment.  The studio facility may be used only if prior arrangements are made with the Administrative Assistant.


3.        The primary purpose of the LCTV Studio and its equipment is to provide programming for the access channel.  Copyright ownership is as follows:  Programs produced of all official town meetings and functions, including those functions designated as official functions1, are the property of LCTV and the Town of Lamoine; Programs produced in LCTV Studios, and/or with LCTV Equipment, and on LCTV tape, are the property of LCTV and the Town of Lamoine.  Programs produced by individuals or not-for-profit organizations on their own tape are the property of that individual or organization.


4.        Program content is the responsibility of and is determined by the program producer.  LCTV does not review program content prior to cablecasting programs and neither LCTV, the Town of Lamoine, nor any of its agents, employees, volunteers or officers is responsible for program content.  Each producer shall place a notice indicating that LCTV and the Town of Lamoine, and their agents, employees, volunteers and officials disclaim any editorial responsibility or control of program content at the beginning of each program.  It is the responsibility of the producer to ensure compliance with the following:


a.        Commercial, obscene, lottery, and purely personal programming cannot be cablecast.


b.       If a program contains political information about a certain candidate or referendum issue during an election campaign, it will be cable cast during the three calendar days prior to the election day, only if it is a debate type program.  Debate type programs are those in which all candidates or referendum viewpoints are invited to participate and the forum is organized fairly.


c.        If a program may be offensive to some audiences, than the producer must inform the Administrative Assistant when requesting cablecast time.  An appropriate viewer warning shall be included at the beginning and end of each program.  Program listings shall also contain an appropriate viewer warning.  Programs that contain any of the following are considered “inappropriate” and will not be aired on LCTV:


1.        Slang, vulgar or colloquial expression which refers, in the context in which it is used, to sexual intercourse, masturbation, sexual contact, human genitals or human elimination;

2.        Abusive language against men or women, ethnic minorities, religious groups, sexual orientation or disabled people.

3.        Sexual material which depicts sexual acts or sexual contact what cam be seen or heard; dramatic presentations depicting sexual acts. Whether actual sexual contact occurs or not;

4.        Extreme acts of violence against people or depiction of violent acts in dramatic presentations; and

5.        Graphic images depicting human or animal elimination and/or mutilation and images that are abusive of men or women, ethnic minorities, religious groups, sexual orientation or persons with disabilities.


d.       Commercial advertising is prohibited; however, financial underwriting of a program must be acknowledged.  Donors shall be acknowledged only at the beginning and end of programs, except for programs running longer than 60 minutes or when donated prizes are given away.  Commercial providers of products and services used in producing the program may be credited at the end of the program.


e.        If a program attacks the honesty, character, integrity or other personal qualities of an identified person or group, the LCTV will provide a reasonable opportunity to respond.


5.  First time users of the LCTV Studio and/or equipment must submit a request in writing to the Town Office at least four weeks in advance of any request to use the facility and/or equipment to ensure that someone is available to provide necessary training and orientation.  The studio facility is located in the Lamoine Town Hall which is used for multiple purposes   The Studio is available to individuals trained in its use, when the room it is located in is not in use, when Town Hall is open, and , if assistance is necessary, when volunteers are available to provide assistance.  Individuals who have been trained to use it, may sign out LCTV equipment for use during hours when the Studio is not open or the room is not available, provided arrangements are made to pick up the equipment during hours when Town Hall is open.  Individuals who are already trained may submit requests in writing to the Town Administrative Assistant at least one week in advance of the request to use the Studio or equipment.  LCTV will attempt to accommodate scheduling requests by working with the Administrative Assistant’s Office; However, users must recognize that the studio is located in a public meeting room and is shared with other users.


6.              The LCTV Studio is equipped to air programs recorded on ˝” VHS videotapes.


7.              Airtime is made available in accordance with the Program Scheduling Policy in Section III hereof.


8.              Only a Lamoine resident or a not-for-profit organization doing business in Lamoine may submit public access material for cablecasting on the LCTV.  Preference will be given to locally produced programming.  Public access material shown on LCTV must be of local interest.


9.              A copy of a LCTV tape may be purchased for a cost of $25.00 per tape by submitting a request to the Town Office. 


10.           Because of the anticipated high traffic through LCTV Studio, only those people who are scheduled to use the facility or who are on-air guests will be allowed in the studio and/or control room.


III.  Program Scheduling Policy


1.              All programming produced using the LCTV Studio and/or equipment and materials shall be first shown on LCTV.


2.              An individual program may be submitted for airing by bringing the completed videotape to the Town Office at the Town Hall and filing a Channel Time Application Form at least 7 calendar days before the date requested for the first showing of the program.  LCTV will attempt to show the program on the date and time requested, if the time slot is available.  Producers of a live program shall submit the Channel Time Application Form at least seven days before the first air date requested.  Producers of the programs who do not provide a live program for the reserved time slot may not reserve a live program airtime again during the next 120-days.


3.              A series (defined as 3 or more programs related in some way with a regularly scheduled airtime during 120-days) may be scheduled by submitting a Channel Time Application Form to the Town Office at least 14 calendar days before the beginning of the series.  The first program tape must be submitted at least 7 calendar days before the first reserved program slot requested and each successive tape I the series must also be submitted at least 7 calendar days before the reserved program slot for the series.  Failure to submit a tape in a timely manner will result in cancellation of remaining programs in the series.


4.              Every effort will be made to air a program on the date(s) and time(s) requested of the Channel Time Application for the program in accordance with the following scheduling priorities:


A.      Official Town and School meetings including board or committee meetings and functions when aired as live programming.

B.       Live events, such as school concerts or plays, sporting events, or civic functions such as parades.

C.       First showing of a series program in its reserved time slot.

D.      First showing of an individual program.

E.       A live series or program will have scheduling priority over a taped series or program, if the application is submitted as required by section III, Paragraph 3.

F.       The first replay of a previous shown tape.


Airtime is on a first come first served basis within the categories outlined above, except that replays after the first replay are scheduled as time permits for second, then third, then fourth replays of all programs within a scheduling block.


A producer may request the replay of a program as follows: A program that airs first on a weekday may be replayed up to 3 times during that week and up to two times on the following weekend.  A program that first airs on a weekend may be replayed no more than once during that weekend and up to four times the next week.  A week is defined as the prior from 8 am Monday through 4:59 pm Friday.  A weekend is the period from 5:00 pm Friday to 7:59 am Monday.  All replays are dependent upon availability.


5.              The Town Administrative Assistant is responsible for setting the weekly schedule.  The Station Manager, as designated by the Board of Selectmen, shall review Channel Time Applications at least weekly and assign program slots in accordance with this policy.  Wen more than one producer requests the same time slot, decisions shall be made in accordance with the priorities established by this Policy.  LCTV reserves the right to additional airing(s) of a program above and beyond those requested by the producer without notifications being given.


6.              All producers, including not-for-profit organizations, delivering tape(s) for airplay must file a Responsibility for Program Content Form with the Office of the Town Administrative Assistant.  Producers are responsible for obtaining the written authorization (a Talent Release Form) from each individual appearing in a program, except when individuals appear during a meeting of a town or other governmental board, committee, commission or public event.


7.              The Fairness Doctrine, Equal time provisions of the Federal Communications Commission for candidates for public office, the Personal Attack Rule, and requirements concerning political editorials, do not apply to cable access channels.  The LCTV Studio will make an effort to provide for fair and balanced programming throughout its entire programming schedule.


IV.  Charges


1.              Use of LCTV Studio, portable equipment, materials, editing equipment and cablecast time is free to eligible Lamoine residents and not-for-profit organizations.


2.              Individuals returning equipment late are liable for penalty charge of $25.00.  All penalty charges must be paid prior to airing of the program.  Repeated tardiness in returning equipment may result in revocation of the privilege to use the equipment.


3.              Although equipment and materials are loaned free of charge, the borrower (or in the case of a minor, a parent or legal guardian who signs the legal responsibility form) is responsible for all damages, loss, or cost of repair involved while the equipment is signed out, and will be required to acknowledge this responsibility in writing prior to sign out.


V. Resolution of Disputes


1.              A dispute over use of the LCTV facilities and/or equipment, or over the use of LCTV should be resolved informally at the LCTV staff level.


2.              Step One:  The dispute will be filed with the Town Administrative Assistant in as much detail as possible and include the relief requested.


3.              Step Two:  If the aggrieved person is not satisfied with the decision at step one, he/she may appeal the decision to the Cable Television Advisory Committee within 10 business days.


4.              Step Three:  If the aggrieved person is not satisfied with the decision at step two, he/she may appeal the decision to the Board of Selectmen whose decision shall be final and binding.


All responses to the aggrieved shall be made within seven business days after the completion of the hearing.




1. The following Town officials may designate meetings and functions to be recorded:  Administrative Assistant, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Town Clerk.



Approved this ___ Day of December, 2004 by:




S. Josephine Cooper, Chair 



Glenn Crawford



Perry Fowler


The Lamoine Board of Selectmen