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Minutes of March 5, 2014 (Draft, subject to correction)

The meeting came to order at 6:03 PM.

Present were: Brett Jones, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Kendall Davis, Stu Marckoon and Bill Butler.

Minutes July 31, 2013 Without objection, the minutes were accepted by those present.

On Line Channel Streaming Stu asked how it can be done. Bill said it can't be done for free, but there are ways. Brett asked what kind of platform is recommended. Bill suggested windows. Kendall noted the town's Mac was pretty slow lately. Brett suggested utilizing You-Tube. A discussion followed on ways to make programming available on line and how to manipulate the Mac to work better. More information will be sought for next meeting.

Recruitment Bill said he's not been successful convincing high school students this would be a good way to get their community service time in.

School Equipment Brett said he would like to see cameras installed in the school gym that could stream events such as basketball games to a monitor elsewhere in the building to handle the larger crowds. He said in addition to equipment, operators would be needed to run the equipment. Bill said that would take a pretty big commitment. Brett said he would try to find out if there is student interest. There was a discussion about having the 8th graders run the camera equipment as a fund raising possibility.

Brett said the school board would like cameras so their meetings could be televised. Bill said it would seem the next step would be to talk to the school board. There was a discussion about the potential for damage in the gym setting. Brett said he would approach the school board, since he's the chair, about installing telecast equipment.

Programming Kendall reported he's complete editing on a video on how to use the transfer station and is working on a video about the Simon Trail. He said Stu suggested something on maple syrup production. Bill suggested some transitional videos shot around town. Other possible shows were about lobster fishing, the Lamoine State Park, worm digging, and gravel pits.

Generator Stu reported that during the December ice storm, the town lost pretty much all communications as the power was out at the town office and the web site, CTV channel and even the phone system did not function. He said the Selectmen are suggesting a generator/transfer switch be installed using Cable TV funds. Brett moved to endorse the idea. Chris 2nd . Vote in favor was unanimous.

School More discussion followed on programming for the school channel, a monitor, and the various opportunities for video productions at the school.

Time Warner/Comcast sale It was suggested that we check the franchise agreement to see what impact, if any, the sale of Time Warner to Comcast might have on the town especially the potential for building out services.

Technology Advisory Committee Stu asked if it might be time to change the role of the Cable TV Committee to become an appointed technology advisory committee. He said the Selectmen would appoint such a committee. Brett said he would be fine with that idea. Bill said he hasn't been particularly motivated and becoming an official committee might help. Chris moved to recommend the idea to the Selectmen. Brett 2nd. Vote in favor was unanimous.

Website/Server Brett explained that he had replaced the old website server with a new one when the old server apparently got hacked and flooded the internet modem to the point that it would not function. He said the old server had not been updated in years as far as security goes, and it was apparently exploited, rendering the internal internet access useless. He said the new server ran great for about a week, and then it behaved the same way as the old server. He said when we pull the server off the network modem, the problem stops, but so does the town's website and e-mail capabilities. He said the server has been intermittently off line. A brief discussion followed.

Brett said he would suggest migrating the town's website off the town's dedicated server and using a commercial entity for website and e-mail hosting. There was a lengthy discussion about off-site hosting options. Brett had specific suggestions for a web server that it use a Linux operating system, that it have a MySQL database system, and other easy to use features. He said it might come in handing have some web design tools available. Stu said the IT person for Jo Cooper' organization had suggested a site called host-gator and he would send the link to that site to the committee. Brett said the host should allow for FTP access so the town can continue to control how its site looks. There were other suggestions, including a Google hosted site.

Smart Phone Town Administrator/EMA Director Stu asked whether the committee thought that he should carry a smart phone as opposed to the present flip phone. He said the smart phone with text and data plan costs about $20/more per month Bill moved to recommend the smart phone. Chris 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0 .

Next Meeting The committee agreed to meet next on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 6:00 PM.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:06 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Secretary