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Minutes of April 16, 2014 (Draft, Subject to correction)

The meeting came to order at the Lamoine Consolidated School at 6:02 PM.

Present were: Bill Butler, Merle Bragdon, Brett Jones, Jo Cooper, Stu Marckoon

Minutes of March 5, 2014 – Brett and Bill reviewed the minutes. No changes were proposed and they were accepted without objection.

Old Business – Generator – Stu reported the generator for the town hall has arrived and is in the process of being wired in.

Web Hosting – Web Gator and Google sites were discussed. Brett suggested that Time Warner be contacted about hosting DNS service, Google possibly be utilized for e-mail, and the website itself would continue to be hosted in-house. Bill recommended that Brett make contact with Time Warner. It was suggested that some exploration be made of Google Applications for business.

There was a discussion about the XP operating system. Stu said the computer he uses is the last one with XP installed in the town office, and this computer is used for creating the CTV power point and scheduling functions. It was recommended that a new computer with Windows 7 be purchased from the Cable TV Fund.

On Line Streaming – There was a lengthy discussion about the potential benefits of streaming meetings live on line as well as offering a video on demand service. Stu said there was information from Leightronix for such service, but it costs about $3,000/year. There was discussion about the number of folks who actually watch the meetings on TV and whether there is a demand for such a service. It was suggested having a survey on the town's Facebook page. The group came to no conclusion on whether to pursue it, but agreed being accessible would be of some benefit.

Merle said it would be helpful to have the cable TV schedule available through the town's website. Stu said he would check on the Leightronix system to see if that is possible.

This item will be discussed on the next agenda.

Cameras in the School – Brett said people have liked the concept but there has not been much though on how to utilize a school channel. He said RSU policy requires each child's parent to sign a waiver for their student to appear on TV. There was a discussion about equipment needs, programming options, and the manpower to run a school system. It was decided to speak with Time Warner about putting a laser guide and modulator in the school. Stu said he could check with the company that provided the Total Info channel about systems and a cost.

Programming – Jo said there are all sorts of topics that shows could be produced on. Stu suggested the Historical Society contact Kendall Davis with ideas for shows.

Stu reported the Simons Trail video is done and two of the three interviewees have seen it. Jo said she is OK with putting that on the system.

Technology Committee – Stu reported he floated the idea by the Selectmen of having the Cable TV Committee evolve into an official appointed technology advisory committee, but that's as far as it has gotten. Those present at the meeting this evening did not object to the idea.

New Business – Equipment – Stu reported that CTV manager Kendall Davis would like to get better fluid head tripods for the two big cameras. The committee asked to get prices and if they are reasonable to go ahead.

Stu said he would like some better recording media than a DVD for better quality field recording. There was general agreement that the DVD works fine, and that the sound is more important than the video at this point.

There was discussion about purchasing a better “crowd” microphone system for events like town meeting. There was general agreement that a wireless microphone would be a good idea.

Next Meeting – The committee left it up to Bill's discretion to set a meeting date sometime in June.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Secretary