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Minutes of October 22, 2007 (Draft - subject to revision)

Chairman Bill Butler called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM

Present were: Bill Butler, Patricia Heath, Stu Marckoon, Brett Jones, and Merle Bragdon

Minutes No changes were proposed to the meeting notes of April 9, 2007

Policy Review Patty noted that it had been 2-years since the policies were reviewed. She did not have any proposed changes. The issue would be discussed later after Merle's arrival.

Budget 2008/09 Those present favored the same budget as the current year.

Equipment Those present examined literature on a computer storage and scheduling system. The cost for the system, known as Nexus, was about $8,500.


•  Bill said he had not yet been in touch with Doug Ashmore in Ellsworth about what they're using for a system, but he had met with a student at the Hancock County Technical Center .

•  Those present said they would like to order shirts to identify Cable TV technicians when recording out in the field. Stu said he would contact Woodland Studios.

•  Stu said he had spoken with Shelley Winchenbach of Time Warner about carrying the Ellsworth channel on the Lamoine system. He said she had not gotten a definite answer yet. He said he would try to follow up with both Ms. Winchenbach and with Ellsworth City Manager Michelle Beal.

•  There was a short discussion about the status of the school and wiring it for Cable TV telecasts. Stu reported the link from the school to Time Warner is in place, but where the school is in limbo due to reconsolidation and some renovations, it is difficult to move forward at this time.

•  Bill reported the audio compression unit is back in-house and ready to go in-line. Stu reported he purchased the adaptors for that earlier in the day.

•  A 3rd camera was discussed. Stu said he would try to get in touch with JMAC about that possibility.

•  There was a short discussion about more volunteers to run the cable telecasts. Bill said he would speak with the PATRONS group about volunteers. A short discussion followed about offering incentives.

•  Bill said he would draft up some language to see if the Selectmen would grant the Cable TV committee official appointment status. There was a discussion later in the meeting about the advantages of having appointed, sworn members and being covered by the limitations of the Tort Claims act. Stu suggested that perhaps minors could be Associate Members, similar to the Conservation Commission.

•  There was a short discussion about possible town hall renovations and the technical setup portion of that.

•  Merle arrived, and there was a discussion about outside programming requests and the policy that is in place. A discussion followed about outside programs, whom is responsible for its content, and the policy for what is and is not suitable for telecasting. Those present said they would review the policy to see if any changes are warranted. There was a discussion about having the town attorney review the policy to see if there might be conflicts with state and federal laws. That request will go to the Selectmen on November 29 th .

•  Bill said he would contact the Lamoine School PATRONS about having a cable TV logo designed by students. He also suggested that older students take a trip to the town hall and be shown the cable TV setup.

•  There was a discussion about producing short pieces of historical programming.

Next Meeting The next meeting date will be sometime in December at the chairman's call.

New Chair Merle requested a new chair with better back support and arms for the Cable TV room, similar to the chairs in the meeting room. Stu said he could order one.

Other - There was a discussion on the needs for meeting participants to better accommodate the telecasts in the presentation of meeting materials, especially when it comes to posting of plans and audio annoyances.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst. to the Selectmen