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Community Center Feasibility Study Committee

Agenda - Monday March 18, 2019 - 6:30 PM - Lamoine Town Hall

Overview of the Drafted Needs Assessment (go over with committee)

         Discussion on what may need to be added/taken away

         Go ahead with agreed final and have ready for next meeting or possibly push out to public

         Execution of Needs Assessment (what will be the means to distribute/communicate the assessment?)

Overview of Lamoine Quarterly Article (go over with committee)

         Anything to add? Good to go?

Research from Other Community Centers and Knowledge Gained (if research was conducted)

         How did they raise funds?

         What were some lessons learned?

         Raising community involvement/interest in project

Breakdown of Town Owned Land

         Which properties could be a good fit? (location, size, potential, etc.)

         Does the land need to be surveyed or updated?

         Other considerations pertaining to properties

     Potential Users

         Updates on community members and their need for a facility

         Who to contact and when

   All Other Considerations

         Items up for consideration since last meeting

         Minutes – February 28, 2019

  Next Meeting Goals/Tasks

         Final needs assessment document

         Completion of Lamoine Quarterly Article

         Possible distribution of needs assessment?

         Any additional topics or goals

         Next meeting date/time