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Community Center Feasibility Study Committee

Agenda - Monday April 15, 2019 - 6:30 PM - Lamoine Town Hall


Approval of Previous Community Center Minutes

     Execution of Needs Assessment

         Did the email format prove to be successful?

         Is the needs assessment in final form (any suggested changes before send out?)

         List of exact organizations in which we plan to submit the first round of assessments (emails, etc)

         Projected goal date of needs assessment submission to organizations (is the goal to hit organizations first?)

         When should the community be expecting the needs assessment?

         Is Survey Monkey still a viable option after first round of assessment is sent out?

         Hardcopies of needs assessment for those community members without email


         Setup of community center email for distribution of needs assessment

     Knowledge/Updates Gained from Other Community Centers

         Updates from last meeting?

         Visits to other community centers

         Possible points of contact for further information

         Is there a certain model of community center to emulate?

Potential Location

         Lot 52 is currently the best potential site as of now

         Research conducted of other locations (surrounding current town properties)

       Potential Users

         Updates on community members and their need for a facility since last meeting 

      All Other Considerations

         Items up for consideration since last meeting

     Next Meeting Goals/Tasks

         Distribution of needs assessment

         Continue research of other community centers

         Continue research of potential locations

         Next meeting date/time

         Any other goals/tasks as seen fit