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Community Center Feasibility Study Committee

Agenda - Monday June 17, 2019 - 6:30 PM - Lamoine Town Hall


Approval of Previous Community Center Minutes (April 29, 2019)


 Follow up of Community Survey

         Total number surveys received

         Community input so far

         Any issues needed to be addressed for improvement

         Push towards increased participation (ideas)



         Ideas for increased awareness for survey (ex. Emails, internet, etc.)

         “Public Mailing” update


 Knowledge/Updates Gained from Other Community Centers

         Updates from last meeting?

         Visits to other community centers

         Possible points of contact for further information                                                     


All Other Considerations

         Items up for consideration since last meeting


Next Meeting Goals/Tasks

         Continue research of other community centers

         Continue push of survey

         Next meeting date/time

         Any other goals/tasks as seen fit