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Community Center Feasibility Study Committee

Minutes - March 18, 2019


Chair, Paul Howaniec called the meeting shortly after 6:30pm.


Present were: Committee Members Paul Howaniec (Chair), Griff Fenton (Vice-Chair), Iris Simons, Larissa Thomas, Ginger Madore

Auxiliary members: Allison Howaniec (Secretary), Lynn Tscheiller

General Audience: Stu Marckoon, Tyra Hanson, Mary Henry


Reviewed Lamoine Community Center Needs Assessment Draft in its entirety drafted by Larissa Thomas.  A few minor changes were made and approved by the committee.

Larissa and Brett felt a “disclaimer” or more thorough explanation to make clear that the community center is in development stages be added to the information paragraph in the Needs Assessment. As a group we decided to italicize “explore the possibility of a community center and what it might entail” to the final Needs Assessment.


As a committee it was decided to send the needs assessment to organizations by email, and those who do not have one to send a hard copy by mail.


We will utilize Survey Monkey but the survey to come in weeks ahead after the Needs Assessment is reviewed.


Paul Howaniec volunteered to send out the Needs Assessment to appropriate organizations and other chair members.


Stu suggested to send out a “trial” Needs Assessment to committee members only this week as a trial run, and to make sure the Needs Assessment format by email works correctly to collect answers.


The committee reviewed Larissa’s draft for the Lamoine Quarterly, and found a few minor errors to be rewritten.  Larissa will make the changes and will resubmit for a final draft.


Ginger shared her detailed research on established Community Centers in nearby towns. As a committee we will revisit her research at upcoming meetings.


The committee responded to Ginger’s research that a visit to nearby Community Centers would be worthwhile, to learn, observe and recognize their successes.


At this time Lot 52 in Lamoine is our most prospective site for a Community Center.

Brett recommended looking into neighboring lots of the Town of Lamoine’s current properties to see if there is chance additional land could be purchased and/or negotiated. 


Next Meeting: Monday, April 15th at 6:30pm

Actions:         Larissa will make changes to the Needs Assessment and will resend to the committee; committee members will then fill out and send to Larissa as a practice run.

Larissa will also edit the Lamoine Quarterly Blurb Draft for Final Submission

Ginger has volunteered to look into more research

Stu will pull Committee and Organization’s Emails together in a List


Respectfully submitted,



Allison Howaniec, Secretary