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Community Center Feasibility Study Committee

Minutes - April 15, 2019

Chair, Paul Howaniec called the meeting at 6:33pm.

Present were: Committee Members Paul Howaniec (Chair), Griff Fenton (Vice-Chair), Bob Pulver, Iris Simon, Larissa Thomas, Ginger Madore, Brett Jones

Auxiliary members: Allison Howaniec (Secretary)

General Audience: Stu Marckoon

Griff motioned meeting minutes approved from March 18th, 2019 meeting. Brett 2nd, all in favor and meeting minutes were approved.

Needs Assessment trial email was discussed. Some committee members had trouble sending a reply in the body of the assessment. Larissa said that you must open the email first before sending a reply.

The email list for Needs Assessment recipients was discussed, Iris mentioned that the Girl Scouts of Lamoine, Historical Society and Lamoine’s Little Children be added to the list.

It was decided that the Needs Assessment will be sent out to organizations immediately to follow after the next meeting.

 Stu will send out the Needs Assessment by Town of Lamoine email address. He will monitor emails and will collect responses to be reviewed later by committee members.

Ginger will update her research and will compile a list of phone numbers for established Community Centers in the nearby areas.

Larissa feels we should wait to visit other Community Centers until we have feedback from the Needs Assessment.  Brett agreed and the committee confirmed.

Larissa mentioned it would be great to the Lamoine Community Center as a social gathering place, where we could have meals together, coffee, and farmers markets.

As a group we discussed involving Friends in Action and Eastern Agency.

Meeting adjourned 7:25pm.


Next Meeting:            Monday, April 29th at 6:30pm

Actions:           Iris, as point person for names of contacts to add to Stu’s emailing list.

                        Needs assessment will be emailed out after next meeting.

                        Brett asked Ginger to find out what groups are currently using other committee centers in surrounding towns.

                        To provide Community Center Survey information in the July Quarterly.