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Community Center Feasibility Study Committee

Minutes - July 15, 2019


Chair, Paul Howaniec called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
Present: Paul Howaniec , Griff Fenton, Larissa Thomas, Brett Jones,  Iris Simon
General Audience:  None


Approval of June 17 Minutes: Motion made by Griff, second by Larissa. Unanimous approval.   Iris will take notes at this meeting.

Follow up of Community Survey (Organizations): 
We have received a total of 13 responses out of over 40 requests.  Stu has sent numerous reminders so we will accept that number and not do individual calls. The compilation of the assessment was prepared by Stu and was available that evening.  After the committee members have time to study the document they may suggest additional questions to the public survey.  Larissa said that she did observe that responders mentioned the inadequateness of the school facilities.

Community Survey (Residents):  Larissa presented a draft of 20 questions.  The committee went through the draft and suggested the following questions:
     Full-time or Part-time resident?
     Add Swimming to Question 8.
     Which activities do you do elsewhere?
     What do you prefer as a potential Community Center?  Four options listed.  

Target date release to the residents: Mid-August.

Method of obtaining responses:
We will use Survey Monkey.  Paper copies can be picked up at town office.  
Brett will research cost and access to Survey Monkey.

Communication to residents: Residents will be made aware of the opportunity to respond via the Lamoine Quarterly, social media, and Lamoine website.  The committee had intended to place a notice in the tax mailing if the schedule permitted. 
Paul will check with Stu regarding how many resident email addresses are available to him. 

The committee is very hopeful that we receive a high % of responses and have a target of over 60%. 

Next Meeting:  August 5   6:30 p.m.  Lamoine Town Hall

Motion made by Larissa, second by Griff.  Meeting adjourned at 7:28 p.m.

Iris Simon, Secretary Pro Tem