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Community Center Feasibility Study Committee

Minutes - August 19, 2019 (Draft, subject to correction)

Vice Chair, Griff Fenton called the meeting to order at 6:12 p.m.  Chair, Paul Howaniec arrived later and chaired the remaining part of the meeting.
Present: Paul Howaniec, Griff Fenton, Larissa Thomas, Ginger Madore, Bob Pulver & Iris Simon

General Audience: Georgiana Pulver

Approval of July Minutes with the date correction: Motion made by Bob, second by Larissa. Unanimous approval. Iris will take notes at this meeting.

Community Survey (Residents): 
The committee reviewed the 23 questions on the Community Survey.  There was discussion regarding question #4 which asked for survey responders to indicate their financial situation.  The reason for the question is to determine whether the subset of the Town who chooses to complete the survey is representative of the Town overall in terms of key characteristics.  After discussion the committee decided to drop the question because it may be too personal.  The survey was then approved to include 22 questions. 

Brett had reported that the cost of Survey Monkey would be $300.00.  It is the best method because of the ease of responding and tabulation will be automatic.  Stu will present the request for funds to the Select Board at the Sept. 5th meeting.  Paul will ask Brett if he would set up the questionnaire on Survey Monkey.  Ginger and Paul also volunteered if Brett is not available.

The committee discussed other venues to distribute the paper copies of the survey, and it was decided that copies would be available at the Town Hall.  We may take advantage of upcoming events in Lamoine to spread the word as to how to access the survey. 

Communication to residents:
Larissa will write a “blurb” that will explain the process of responding to the survey and the importance of responding.  After the questionnaire has been launched on Survey Monkey, the “blurb” can be released to:
     Lamoine Facebook page
     Lamoine Website
     Stu’s list of email addresses
     The Ellsworth American
     School Newsletter (Bob volunteered to contact the school).
Bob presented the idea that if a Lamoine resident were to write a letter to be published in the Ellsworth American letters to the editor, it may re-inforce the importance of community involvement in the decision.  It was the general feeling that a letter written by a member of the Study Committee could be problematic if it were viewed as promoting a community center rather than merely seeking participation in the survey.

Target date to release the survey to the residents: Estimate Mid-Sept.
Next Meeting:  September 16, 6:30 p.m.  Lamoine Town Hall
Motion made by Larissa, second by Griff.  Meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

Iris Simon, Secretary Pro Tem