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Comprehensive Planning Committee

Agenda, Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - 6:30 PM - Lamoine Town Hall


1. Call to Order

2. Consideration of Minutes of October 11 (if available)

3. Review revisions to drafts considered Oct 11:

Historic & Archaeological Resources (Fred & Mike)

Transportation (Fred) (if available)

4.  Consider next draft of Public Facilities (if available) (or defer to next   meeting?)

5.  Discuss organization of Comp Plan (Review State Requirements and Surry Table of Contents—both attached)

     A. List of Chapters

              State List of Required Topics

              Senior Issues separate?

              Education a part of Public Facilities and Services?

B. Appendix—All electronically available?

                    1996 Comp Plan

                    Committee visit reports

                    Survey Results

                    Survey Comments

                    Community Meeting Report

C. List of Resources for books and things we didn’t generate?

          Not available electronically?    

D. Maps, Tables and Figures

          At the back?

          In text?

E. Acknowledgements   

6.  Meeting of Committee Chairs 10/20-  Issues?

7.  Meeting Schedule for rest of year: Fred Suggests:

     Tuesday, November 15

     Tuesday, November 29 and

     Thursday, December 8.

8.  Task List for rest of Year

     Complete review of Public Facilities

     Draft Recreation Section and review, review second draft

     Draft Request for Proposal for presentation to selectfolk 11/17

              Re: consultants

     Have a group discussion of Lamoine’s economy

     Consider how to develop a future Land Use Plan

     Consider how to develop a Vision Statement