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Comprehensive Planning Committee

Agenda - October 26, 2017 - 6:30 PM - Town Hall



1.    Call to order- Kathie Gainguest in Fred’s absence

2.    Determine who will take minutes

3.    Review of Minutes of meeting of September 28, 2017 (if available)

4.    Review of Minutes of October 12, 2017

5.    Report on Work sessions, October 16, 19, 20 and 23.

6.    Discussion of plans for  Community Meeting on November 18, 2017

a.    Review of Andrea chore list (if available-  anyone with a copy from previous meeting please bring it in case Andrea is unavailable)  

b.   Volunteers for sub-Committee to work on preparations

c.    Structure—What will happen?

d.   Refreshments

e.    Content:

     Will the LCPC agree to using Rick’s “8-pager”—Vision Statement plus Goals and Policies, without strategies, in a draft form worked out by Fred and Rick? 

     If not, what is the plan for producing content in time for the 18th?

f.     Materials needed

g.    Schedule of community meeting prep work sessions prior to November 18.

7.    Discussion of Goals Policies and Strategies

Public Facilities and Services



                             Marine Resources

8.    Discussion of distribution of Goals Policies and Strategies to relevant committees (if time available)

9.    Adjourn