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Comprehensive Planning Committee

Minutes of December 4, 2014 (Draft, subject to correction)

The meeting was called to order by Chair Fred Stocking at 6:29 pm.

The meeting was attended by committee members Fred Stocking, Brett Jones, Valerie Sprague, Kathryn Gaianguest, & Bonnie Marckoon, Code Enforcement Officer Michael Jordan.

Agenda Review- No changes to the printed agenda were proposed.

Minutes of November 20, 2014 – Valerie moved to approve the minutes and Brett 2nd.  Vote in favor 4-0, Brett abstained as he was not at the last meeting.

Richard McMullen & Andrea Ames arrived after approval of the minutes.

Fred reviewed with the group the Maps & Data Set that Stu Marckoon had sent along with a group leader packet.  He also spoke about Data Collection forms as done in Bucksport (he was unsure who would receive the forms.  Also, the abbreviated, 19 page Criteria Rule to use as a check list for our tasks.

Brett would like to look into collaboration for salt water access, i.e. the Norris Property.  Also, review zoning such as residential versus commercial.  Better utilize lots for the use of homes.  He is interested in data collection through the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) & to possibly to purchase a software package.

Fred noted that GIS data set was created by COA & the Town of Lamoine was not able to afford the updates to the data collection.  He will check with Gordon Longworth at COA to see if he has further information.  Tax Map Lines are not necessarily correct.

Mike Jordan indicated the State of Maine has QGIS which is free.

General Discussion of Committee Process:  When and how are we going to cover each topic? 

Brett proposed an information gathering questionnaire and public outreach to obtain early input.

Fred suggested we devote of each meeting to each section of the comprehensive plan requirements or that each committee member take on 1 or 2 sections in subcommittees.  Brett agrees that this would work.  Also to prioritize topics by similar items i.e. population & demographics.

Some committee members would like to see a questionnaire sent out with tax bills, the school children or a separate mailing. 

Stu:  How many tax lots have homes on them?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Bob Christie arrived at 7:04pm. 

The group began to compile a list of town groups:  Government, such as the Select board, Planning Board, Appeals Board, Technology committee, Fire Department , Budget Committee & and the Administrative Assistant (who thinks he’s a group)!  Historical Society, Conservation Commission, School groups such as staff, School Committee, PATRONS.  The State Park and other recreational committees, including the Snowmobile Club.  Small businesses in the Town.  The Grange, Baptist Church & Cemetery Associations are all groups to be included in any surveys or questionnaires that are sent.

Fred followed with what shall be the next step:  meetings with various groups or an open letter to the citizens of Lamoine to be mailed or handed out.  Try to make a presentation at the next annual Town Meeting in March of 2015.

Topics for Next Month’s Meeting on January 15, 2015

         Fred to present open letter to citizens for approval

         Discuss Population & Demographics & determine which of the other topics fit together


         Draft questions from prior Comprehensive Plan and Long Range Plan for Town Meeting to be presented by Fred & Andrea

         Ask other citizens such as Cynthia Donaldson to assist with information gathering

         How much do we need to involve outside organizations such as the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce, YMCA etc.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm


Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Marckoon, Secretary