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 Comprehensive Planning Committee

Minutes - March 5, 2015

Call to order at 6:35pm by chair, Fred Stocking

Members present: Valerie Sprague, Brett Jones, Fred Stocking, Bob Christie & Richard McMullen - Mike Jordan

Absent Andrea Ames, Kathy G., and Bonnie Marckoon

Mike Jordan and the entire committee would like to give their condolences to the Morrren Family.

Minutes of January 15, 2015 approved at present. Motion was made by Brett to approve and seconded by Valerie.

(Agenda item #3) Fred suggested tabling the survey until we meet with Andrea and Kathy G. who have revised the survey.  Survey will be discussed at the April 3rd meeting.   Mike suggested presenting survey when school budget is ready. 

(Agenda #5) Review of pacing -- Groups were assigned to specific assignments of responsibility for different sections of the Plan.

Valerie asked if the purpose of the groups was to research each topic of the plan and then to share this information to the larger group?

Fred stated that the reason for splitting the sections was to divide up the work, and then it would be shared and discussed with the whole group. 

Natural Resources (Kathie & Val)                  Quality of Life (Fred & Bob)                

Water Resources                                             Historic & Archaeological Resources

Natural Resources                                           Population & Demographic

Agriculture and Forest Resources                   Economy

Marine Resources                                           Housing



(Brett, Bonnie, Richard)

Public Facilities & Services

Fiscal Capacity and Capital Investment Plan

Existing Land Use

(Agenda #7) There was a discussion of Demographics of the 1996 Comprehensive Plan and State Data.  

Topics discussed -  Is there a decline in certain age groups?                                

Are more elderly people moving to Lamoine?

We discussed school population.

How much is there a seasonal dependency? 

Would it affect transportation?

There was a discussion about what was affordable housing and low-income housing.  

Fred said that some elderly people are moving in other directions instead of staying Lamoine. 

Bob thought the town should be looking into purchasing the land across from the Town Hall for future development.  

Agenda for next meeting is for each group to share information about one topic they were assigned. 

Kathie and Valerie - Natural Resources

Historical & Archaeological Resources - Bob & Richard   

Brett, Bonnie & Fred Public Facilities & Services

Next meeting set for April 2, 2015 @ 6:30 to 8:30.

Adjourned @ 7:55

Respectfully submitted

Valerie Sprague