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Minutes - April 2, 2015 (Draft, Subject to Correction)

Chairman Fred Stocking called the meeting to order at 6:31 PM.

Present were: Fred Stocking Valerie Sprague, Kathie Gaianguest, Brett Jones, Bob Christie, Richard McMullen, and Bonnie Marckoon.  Alternate Andrea Ames had phoned to report she was unable to attend.

Minutes – March 5, 2015 – One correction was approved to the draft minutes, changing Historic and Archaeological Resources to Bob and Richard.  The committee approved the minutes with the correction.

Questionnaire – Andrea was not present to review the latest draft.  Brett suggested that questions be more specific than general.  Kathie asked if open issues could be reviewed at a future meeting.   There was a discussion on how to prevent people from submitting answers more than once, how to include seasonal residents in the questionnaire, and the best method to distribute the questionnaire.

Letter to Town Groups – The committee reviewed the letter drafted by Fred.  Kathie moved to approve the letter, Bob 2nd.  Vote in favor passed.   The list of potential recipients was discussed, and in addition to those identified at the December meeting, the group opted to include:

Fred said he would send out the letter to the groups.

Historical & Archaeological Resources – A memorandum (attached to the minutes) from Fred was discussed.

Natural Resources – The committee discussed a memorandum (attached to the minutes) from Val and Kathie.

Public Facilities and Services – The committee discussed a memorandum (attached to the minutes) from Brett.  Discussion also followed about wind and solar energy and questions to be added to future surveys, and what types of energy changes might the town face in the next 10-to-15 years. 

There was a brief discussion about solid waste, as the contract with PERC expires in 2018.   Town Administrator Stu Marckoon reported that a group of towns is looking at a new waste to fuel plant in Hampden which will produce ethanol. 

Heads Up – There was a brief discussion about reporting next on Marlboro Beach, Resources for the Elderly and the School.   At the next meeting (May 7, 2015), Bob and Fred will report on the economy, Val and Kathie will continue their work on Marine and Natural Resources, and Brett and Richard will talk about existing land use.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Marckoon, Secretary