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Minutes - June 4, 2015

  1. Call to order @ 6:32pm.  Present were Fred Stocking, Bob Christie, Bonnie Marckoon, Kathie Gaianguest and Andrea Ames.  Brett Jones arrived at 6:41pm.

  2. Consideration of Minutes of the April 2nd, 2015 meeting.  Kathie wished to add “Friends of Lamoine” to the list of recipients of the letter being sent to town groups.  Approved as amended 5-0.

  3. Using the same agenda as the meeting that was postponed in May.  Adding a discussion of a summer schedule.  The only meeting currently on the schedule for July and August is for July 16, 2015 @ 5:15 pm.  Resuming the regular schedule September 3rd @ 6:30 pm.

  4. Worked on revisions to Questionnaire.  Discussed taking out the “skip to the next questions” options and adding “not applicable or N/A” as an option to the suggested answers.  Question #42 should read “If you selected “Not Adaquate” in question 41 (not 46), how could they be improved?”  Kathie moved to accept the changes and Andrea seconded, passed with 5-0 vote.

  5. Kathie will look into how “every door direct mail” works and report back with what the Post Office has for options.  Brett will check with Stu on residents with PO boxes and not living in Lamoine full time for suggestions on how to distribute survey to these folks.  On the subject of how to ask the residents to return the survey, Bob suggested we spend a portion of the committee’s budget for return mail postage.  Fred mentioned we have approximately $3000.00 for mailings.  Kathie will check with PO on costs for return mail.  Suggested launching survey in September including an on-line version.  Fred’s concern with on-line version is duplicate entries from direct mail/paper surveys.  Andrea and Brett assured the group that there are specific URL’s that can prevent duplicate submissions.   Andrea and Fred will work on cover letters.

  6. Meeting with Selectfolk and Planning Board – tabled.

  7. Letter to Town groups requesting an opportunity to meet to be sent out in August.  Cynthia Donaldson asked that a new group “Lamoine’s Little Children” be added to this list of groups.

  8. Historical & Archaeological Resources – tabled.  Kathie asked how presentations should be formatted:  1. What the Old Plan says, 2. What is the State Data, 3. State Minimum Analysis.

  9. Demographics – tabled.

  10. Natural Resources – tabled.

  11. Initial report on Economy:  Fred discussed a bit of what was in the Old Plan which was not a lot of information.  State Data only included an employer list and how many employees.  Majority had 4 or fewer employees with the exception of the school and the Lamoine General Store.  Fred read over the questions from the requirements for the Comprehensive Plan.  He also suggested that Lamoine’s economy was experiencing significant change.

  12. Other reports as ready – none.

  13. Next meeting:  Thursday, July 16, 2015 @ 5:15 pm.

  14. Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Bonnie Marckoon, Secretary