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Minutes - July 16, 2015 (Draft, subject to correction)

1.     Meeting called to order by Fred Stocking @ 5:15 pm.  In attendance were Bob Christie, Valerie Sprague, Kathie Guianguest, Brett Jones, Bonnie Marckoon & Michael Jordan as a member of the audience.

2.   Minutes of June 4, 2015, were approved as presented; motion by Fred & seconded by Brett & approved 6-0.

3.  Timing, production & distribution of questionnaire.  Fred contacted Tom Martin about rates of return on these types of questionnaires (12-50% was average).  Also noting that on-line versions received the best return rate.  Kathie reported that our document was too long for every-door direct mail.  She also spoke with Down East Printing & Graphics for a quote on printing the mailer.  The costs for printing 750 mailers will be $231.00 to print the document and $89.50 to prepare it for mailing.  There would be an additional cost for postage.  Kathie will inquire about the cost of each item.  At 5:24 pm, Richard McMullen arrived.  Fred went back to the discussion of the On-line survey.  Brett will look into Survey Monkey to see what that will cost.  Motion to authorize Brett & Kathie to proceed with setting up the mailer, survey, posters and to spend the funds needed to accomplish this task with a work session on August 6th at 4 pm.  Fred moved the item & Brett seconded the motion.  7-0 approved.

4.   Letter to Town Groups seeking input is attached.  Fred will add his contact information for groups to schedule meetings.  Town Officials will receive their letter electronically & 18 groups will receive a letter in the mail.  Consensus was to move ahead with this letter.

5.   Fred was asked by the Selectmen to report on this committee’s progress, his report is attached and he was planning to attend the meeting tonight at 7pm.

6.   Next meeting is scheduled for September 3rd @ 6:30 pm.  We will report on meetings with Town Groups & what will those meetings look like in terms of format.  Fred will ask Tom Martin to come to our meeting to offer suggestions for best practices.

7.   Motion to adjourn by Fred @ 6:35 pm.

Non agenda items:  Kathie & Valerie presented two maps:  High Value Plant & Animal Habitats (where we live within those maps) & Undeveloped Habitat Blocks & Habitat Connections.  Also, Mike Jordan asked if we would request of the Selectmen to be added as an Alternate to the Lamoine Comprehensive Planning Committee.  The committee agreed to check with the Selectmen.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Marckoon, Secretary