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Minutes - September 3, 2015



1.    Call to order at 6:30 pm by Fred Stocking.  Also in attendance were Bob Christie, Valerie Sprague, Andrea Ames, Brett Jones, Kathie Gaianguest & Bonnie Marckoon.

2.   Consideration of July 16, 2015 minutes; moved by Bob & seconded by Brett & approved 6-0 as presented.

3.   Report on work session held in August.  Paper surveys are available at Town Office with a drop-off box for completed surveys.  Fred will contact Town Groups to set dates to meet with each of them some time after Labor Day.  The plan is then to have town wide meetings with break-out groups by December 2015.

4.   Planning for compilation of survey results:  Brett will create a memo for administrators for the Survey Monkey sight so committee members can review results along the way.  Brett suggested we input the paper surveys into Survey Monkey for compilation purposes.  Each member of the committee has agreed to take on a week’s worth of surveys as follows:  Val will pick up on 9-11, Bonnie on 9-18, Fred on 9-25, Kathie on 10-2, Andrea on 10-9, Brett on 10-16, Val on 10-23 & Fred on 10-31 which ends the survey.  Brett will also confirm with Survey Monkey how to retrieve and compile information. 

5.   Tom Martin from the Hancock County Planning Commission chatted with us about various ways to hold meetings to engage Towns folks and create feed back for our report.  Suggested we inquire with Surry and possibly Castine as to how they proceeded.  Tom impressed upon us that we make sure to listen to what folks are saying.  Roles of facilitators are that of recording information.  Group sizes should be no larger than 10.  We should create a vision statement from these meetings.  Recommended we hold a special Town Meeting to see which zoning ordinances we need and what the majority can live with such as preserving large habitat blocks.  Show maps of various types of development, jobs, land subdivisions and family groups.  Also, using a map of the Town so that folks can enter what it is they like about Lamoine.  HCPC will be able to produce maps for us.  Tom suggested going back more than 10 years to see the changes that have occurred as well.  He also recommended that Brett contact Jim Fisher as he is the map specialist.  Attached is a “Summary of Citizen Outreach Options” provided by Tom.

6.   Plan for next meeting on October 1, 2015.  Reports on Agriculture and Forestry & Marine Resources.  Brett will obtain survey results.

7.   Bonnie moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:08 pm.

Non-agenda items discussed:  Fred asked that Brett arrange for a meeting with the school committee.  Fred will contact Stu to meet with the Fire Department.  Fred will also create a form to keep track of meeting updates.  Focus on free-flowing conversation with some questions to spur conversation.  Such as: the primary focus of the individual groups, what they feel are the needs of the community & future goals for the community.  Val handed out an article of how the City of Old Town is proceeding with it’s comprehensive plan.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bonnie Marckoon, Secretary.