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Minutes - January 19, 2016

1.       Meeting called to order by Fred Stocking @ 6:32pm  Those in attendance were Fred, Val Sprague, Brett Jones, Mike Jordan, Richard McMullen, Bob Christie, Andrea Ames & Bonnie Marckoon.

2.       Consideration of the minutes from January 7, 2016 – approved unanimously 7-0 without additions or corrections (Bonnie was late to meeting).

3.       Review of agenda – no changes

4.       Finalize Vision meeting date.  We have a new meeting date of 3-19-16 due to the school gym being available all day.  David Sanderson has suggested that the meeting have a new name “LCPC Community Meeting” .   Val will add this to the flyer she is preparing to send out.  It was also suggested that all committee members personally invite neighbors and friends, as the personal touch goes a long way.  Andrea also recognized David Sanderson for his contributions to the meeting content and structure. 

5.       Prepare for Vision Meeting.  Reviewed Fred’s Memo (see attached) for items he will touch upon at the community meeting.  Suggestions were made for items to be left out and he will work with Stu to prepare a power point presentation at the beginning of the meeting.  Andrea is continuing to work on the packet to be presented to those attending the Community Meeting.

6.       Discussion of Hancock County Planning Commission proposal:  See Tom Martin’s correspondence attached.  Fred circled back to the point of revisiting the actual plan and beginning to write the plan after we have reviewed the reports from the town committee meetings.  A Land use Plan is a portion that needs to be written. 

7.       Upcoming meeting schedule:  February 4th, 2016 to discuss community meeting prep and begin to start creating the plan focusing on public facilities and services.  Another meeting was also set for February 18th, 2016, both with a start time of 6:30 pm. 

8.       Mike Jordan motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:37 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Marckoon