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Minutes - February 18, 2016 (Draft, subject to correction)

1.     Called to order by Fred at 6:31 pm.  Attended by Bob Christie, Katie Gaianguest, Brett Jones, Andrea Ames, Fred Stocking, Bonnie Marckoon & Jo Cooper.

2.   Consideration of Minutes of 2-4-16, Bob made the motion to accept as presented, Andrea made the second, approved 4-0.

3.   Review of Agenda:  May table item 6 if time does not allow for this discussion.

4.   Meeting with Jo Cooper of Friends in Action.  Jo explained how Friends in Action evolved into what it is today.  Providing rides for the older generation to help them stay independent.  Group has a large volunteer base of 200 to assist with rides.  There are also programs at the Bryant E Moore Center.  Jo provided a program of current activities.  The City of Ellsworth has also made a commitment to the programs as well with the renovation of the building.  Her concerns for Lamoine is that there is no consistent meeting place for the older folks to meet or transportation to get to appointments, etc…  Coffee houses are inexpensive and gives a way for the community to get together.

5.   Community meeting update:  Update the flyer created by Val and company.  There will be a facilitator prep meeting on March 16th, 6:30 pm at the school gym.  Bob suggested we all make personal contacts with handing out the flyers and a list is attached by the Community Meeting Sub-committee.  Also, we updated the punch list of items needed for the meeting.

6.   Public Facilities & Service Review – tabled.

7.   Next meeting, March 3, 2016.

8.   Motion to adjourn by Brett at 7:50pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Marckoon, Secretary