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Minutes - March 3, 2016 (Draft, subject to correction)

1.   Called to order by Fred Stocking @ 6:32pm.  Meeting attended by Fred, Bob Christie, Brett Jones, Mike Jordan, Richard McMullen, Bonnie Marckoon, Andrea Ames, Kathie Gaianguest & Val Sprague.

2.   Consideration of Minutes from February 18th, moved by Bob and seconded by Brett to accept minutes as presented.  Vote 6-0 in favor.

3.   Review of agenda-possibly table item #7 Public Facilities and Services review.

4.   Consideration of vacancy on Committee.  Moved by Mike and seconded by Brett to appoint Andrea as a full voting member to replace Bonnie.  Approved by unanimous vote.

5.   Community meeting update:  reviewed packet prepared by Andrea and her sub-committee.  Reviewed LCPC member responsibilities for the meeting day and the flow of the meeting in preparation for the facilitator meeting.  Reworked the evaluation form to be presented to the attendees of the community meeting.  Val created a list of volunteers to hand out flyers at the Town Elections on March 8th and Town Meeting on March 9th.  Steve Callahan and Honeybee Heyman to be added as facilitators. 

6.   March and April Meeting Schedule:  March 19th 9-12noon, community meeting, Wednesday March 23rd, next regular meeting, no meeting on April 7th and regular meeting on Thursday, April 21st.

7.   Public Facilities and Service Review.  Fred handed out the definition of the State Goal and Overview for Land Use Plan.

8.   Next Meeting: March 16th,  6:30 pm at the Lamoine Consolidated School to prepare for the Community Meeting.

9.   Brett moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Bonnie Marckoon