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Notes - Workshop - July 20, 2017 (Draft, subject to correction)

Present- LCPC members: Kathie Gaianguest, Val Sprague, Mike Jordan, Fred Stocking, and Wanda whitener (until 5).


The subject was Natural Resources, and Val, led the discussion, but not before handing out chocolate bars. Fred took notes.


We spent some time looking at the sources of data, as used in the Review of State Criteria. We reviewed some of the Beginning with Habitat maps and confirmed that the draft used the 2016 version of the maps as opposed to earlier versions.  Fred noted that he had gone over the Review of State Criteria and created a short list of chores, which he promised to circulate. Fred also said he would check on sources for shorebird and waterfowl found in Lamoine.


We discussed the first draft of Natural Resources.  Val and Kathie noted they had previously circulated a June 15 draft, and handed out a lightly rewritten June 20 draft. Generally, we noted the difficulty in finding Lamoine-specific data, and that we should probably use Beginning with Habitat data from the State unless we have something specific.  We had a short discussion of bats—we all remember bats as common, but none of us have seen many, or even any, in the last few years.  


Fred raised the issue of whether the strategies laid out in the Goals and Strategies summary were too general. After review of the strategies and considerable discussion, Val agreed to re-write the strategies to make them more specific.  Fred gave Val his list of specific suggestions for edits in the form of a redlined mark-up of her June 15 draft.


We agreed to meet next on August 3rd, to review the Water Resources draft and, if time permits, the Agriculture and Forestry draft.


Prepared by Fred Stocking