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Comprehensive Planning Committee Minutes

October 12, 2017 (Draft, subject to correction)


1.  Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Present:  Fred, Kathie, Val, Mike, Bob, Wanda       Absent: Richard


2.  Shortened agenda agreed upon.  No minutes available for Sept. 28th

     Meeting lengthened to 9:00 pm with a break scheduled for 7:45 with snacks.


3.  We still need a Vision Statement; looked over the present draft

   - what are the problems/issues with the statement

       Kathy recommended word word changes - paragraph one approved by all

  - Paragraph 2 - introductory sentence changed to a more positive sentence

     “Lamoine will continue to develop its own character defined by its citizens, the history, geography, geology, and natural resources.”   Fred will bring a re-write of the paragraph to a future meeting.

  -Further changes to the document include:  Paragraph 3 - “…preparation for adult life.”   “…maintain high school choice”

  -paragraph 4 - re-write as a more positive statement

  -paragraph 5 - …“quality internet”

  -paragraph 7 - climate change and extreme storms - improve sentences

  -paragraph 9 - change to more positive; no government specific


4. Review Policies, Goals, and Strategies


            -Trails moved from Agriculture and Forestry (Ag. & Forest) at last meeting to Recreation Policy

         -Maintain and enhance Parks

         -Coordinate trail development


5. Agriculture and Forestry

            -Kathie and Val reading and leading discussion

 -Change in summary

      1. Educate woodlot residents about programs on active management of woodlots, Conversation, Easements, Tree Growth tax, etc. and other programs to keep their woodlots as productive forest.

      2. Encourage residents to use sustainable woodlot practices such as those recommended by SWOAM.


 - present Town Forest at Community Meeting to see if the Town is interested


6.  Break - 7:45     Reconvened at 8:00


7.  Town Forest discussion con’t.  Will be part of Community Meeting on Nov. 18



8.  Propose new committees at the Community Meeting

  -Development Committee

      Concept committee to coordinate new initiatives, prioritize tasks

        First task to organize list of local businesses on Town website with necessary info about businesses

        promote small businesses

  -Community Center Committee


9. Discussion on who should write ordinances - Town Lawyer, Planning Board…

        Planning Board does it now, holds public hearings, then goes to Select Board, then to Town Meeting


10.  Discussion on the development of a community garden


11. Discussion of Forestry  - into Rick’s draft - 1.0

                     Ag - 2.0

                             3.0 same

                      (no number 4)

12.  Discussion of Transportation

    -add Buttermilk Road as road that is travelled too fast  Douglas Highway also, dangerous intersection at Douglas HWY and Mud Creek Rd

     -work on the wording for pathways section


13.  What’s next:  Workshops - Monday, 10/16 - 4pm -Fresh Water

                                                            Thursday, 10/19 - 4pm -Natural Resources

                                                            Friday, 10/20 - 3 pm - Climate Change

                                                            Monday, 10/23 - 4 pm -Future Land Use (time changed at 10/19 meeting)



Respectfully Submitted,

    Wanda Whitener