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Minutes - December 7, 2017 (Draft, subject to correction)


1.  Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Present:  Fred, Kathie, Val, Mike, Richard       Absent: Andrea, Robert, Wanda


2.  We determined that the minutes of the September 28th meeting had been approved.

     The minutes of the October 26th meeting were reviewed and approved.  The vote was 4-0, with Fred abstaining because he had missed the meeting.


3.  We discussed the timing and logistics around the online survey.  We reviewed and marked up a draft e-mail notice of the availability of the survey. Fred will get this to Stu tomorrow for distribution on the Town e-mail list. We decided against having paper copies of the survey in the Town Office due to various logistical problems in copying, distribution and compilation of results.  We set a response deadline of January 15th, with Fred to send out a reminder notice just after New Year’s Day.


4. We reviewed the “stickies and dots” feedback from the Open House.  See attached memo of the changes agreed to. We received extensive written feedback at the beginning of the meeting.  Since we will be getting more feedback from the online survey, we did not make an effort to go through that material systematically.


5.  Our next meeting had been tentatively scheduled for January 4th.  The Selectfolk are meeting that night, and presumably January 18th as well. We would like our next meeting to come after the survey results are available, so we tentatively decided to meet next January 25th.


6. Fred agreed to write a brief article for the Lamoine Quarterly.


Respectfully Submitted,



Fred Stocking, Chair