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Lamoine Conservation Commission Agenda

July 12, 2006 7:00 PM - Lamoine Town Hall

  1. Consideration of Minutes
  2. Bangor Hydro- Electric-- report on new project in Lamoine
  3. Freshwater Initiative Update: Water Testing (Carol)
  4. Recycling Committee Update (Tom and Donna Thorburn)
  5. Listening to the concerns of those attending
  6. Planning Board and Selectfolk Concerns
  7. Planning for Land Conservation Initiative: Vote on Guidelines Proposal
  8. Update on Meeting with Parks Commission and Long Range Planning Committee (Fred)
  9. Snowmobile Club and trails opportunity (Fred)
  10. Review of Award Proposal re: Conservation Award (Donna Theall)
  11. Planning for August and September Meetings
  12. Adjourn

Fred Stocking, Chair

Lamoine Conservation Commission