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Lamoine Conservation Comission

Agenda for Wednesday, January 14, 2009 - 7PM - Lamoine Town Hall

  1. Review of Agenda and Minutes of November meeting
  2. Report on Planning Board Work Session
  3. Drinking Water Policy Discussion and Planning for March panel on Water issues
  4. Fresh Water Initiative Update (Carol, Bob)
  5. Planning Board and Selectfolk Concerns—Meeting 1/22/09
  6. Listening to the concerns of those attending
  7. Lamoine Conservation Award
  8. Planning for display of Beginning with Habitat maps
  9. Open Space Inventory—Next Steps
  10. Consideration of possible Maine Outdoor Heritage Grant (Carol)
  11. Adjourn

Fred Stocking, Chair
Lamoine Conservation Commission


January 13—Planning Board Work Session on proposed ordinances, including the Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone Ordinance.

January 22-- Lamoine Conservation Commission to meet with the Selectfolk at their regular meeting.