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Lamoine Conservation Commission

Agenda for Wednesday, May 13, 2009 - 7PM - Lamoine Town Hall

To: Commission Members and Interested Citizens

Re: Meeting-- Wednesdady, May 13, 2009

7:00 p.m., Lamoine Town Hall


  1. Review of Agenda and Minutes of March meeting
  2. Lamoine Conservation Award- Presentation to Georgia Munsell
  3. Follow- up of Drinking Water Policy Discussion (Nancy)
  4. Fresh Water Initiative Update (Carol, Bob)
  5. Planning Board and Selectfolk Concerns,
    1. Review of Planning Board work session on 5/11
  6. Listening to the concerns of those attending
    1. --Invasive Forest Insect Program on June 3 rd
  7. Open Space Inventory—Next Steps
    1. -- Report on Scenic Assessment workshop (Bob)
    2. -- Conservation Easement Registry and Town responsibilities
  8. Working Waterfront Covenants and possible project
  9. Maine Association of Conservation Commissions Membership
  10. Planning for Spring-Summer events
  11. Adjourn

Fred Stocking, Chair

Lamoine Conservation Commission