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Lamoine Conservation Commission

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - 7:00 PM - Lamoine Town Hall

1.    Following unanimous vote by Select Board on July 20, welcome Diane Nicholls as new alternate member of commission.


2.    Maine Coastweek – 3 crews: Diane’s on September 16 on upper Skillings, Larissa’s on September 23 on Seal Point section of Skillings, Jeff’s on September 23 at state park.


3.    Lamoine School edible classroom garden/composting concept – update from Diane.


4.    Get Wet! Funding – update from Linda.


5.    Upcoming presentation by Aaron Dority of Frenchman Bay Conservancy, September 13: fliers, publicity, etc.


6.    Confirmation of Dr. Francis Drummond’s (University of Maine) upcoming presentation on bumble bees on November 8.


7.    Comprehensive Plan – Larissa has attended two working sessions. Larissa has volunteered to review materials to be presented at next public meeting to ensure that concerns of the Conservation Commission are taken into account.


8.    Lamoine Quarterly – mid September deadline for submissions. Three items? (Summary of LCC activities, request for donations for Get Wet! Equipment, pre-orders for wire compost bins)


9.    Any follow-up on the following items raised during last meeting:


A.    Water quality (Kerry)

B.    Bobolink habitat (Diane)

C.   Blunts Pond event—invasive plant assessment, education, recreation (Doug)


10.  Future initiatives? New ideas are welcome.