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Agenda - Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 7:00 PM - Lamoine Town Hall


1.    Solar power for Town’s electricity usage: the School Board’s Facilities Subcommittee will join us to discuss issues. Key discussion topics:

A.    Willingness of School Board to collaborate in siting a solar project for the Town

B.    Approximate date estimated for south roof slope replacement

C.   Plans for addition to school?

2.    Blunts Pond Field Day event recap –Doug.


3.    Maine Coastweek Coastal Cleanup - September 15, 2018. Final planning, logistics.


4.    Upcoming GET WET! Blunts Pond launch: final planning and logistics –Linda.

5.    Simon Tree Walk event recap – Linda.

6.    Public presentation in October, Dr. Brian Beal (advertising, etc.) - Linda.


7.    Future initiatives?