Minutes of the meeting of March 19, 2003.

The Meeting started at 7:04 p.m.

Commission Members Present: Fred Stocking (Chair), Nancy Pochan, and Susan Wuorinen. Fred Stocking reported that he had heard from Pat Wallace that she would not attend and intended to resign from the Commission.

Others Attending: John Wuorinen

Agenda Review: Fred Stocking reviewed the Agenda and noted that Stuart Branch had not been notified of the meeting and that Rae Dumont was unable to attend. Since both had been involved in the development of the proposed Parks Ordinance, Fred proposed that this matter be postponed until the April meeting. All agreed.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting: In reviewing the minutes of the February meeting, it appeared both from those minutes and Fred’s notes that the minutes of the January meeting had not been approved. The Commission reviewed the minutes of both meetings. The minutes of the January 8, 2003, meeting were approved as written by a vote of 2-0, with Susan Wuorinen abstaining as she had not been present. The meeting of the February meeting were reviewed. Fred noted that the reference to an endangered species was not accurate, that the plant in question, the Seabeach Sedge, found near Marlboro Beach is not endangered but in some lesser category of rare. On review of the appropriate habitat map, the correct designation was found to be “a species of special concern.” With this one amendment, the minutes of the meeting of February 12, 2003, were approved as written by a vote of 2-0, with Susan Wuorinen abstaining.

Report from the Forestry Working Group: Nancy reported that the Forestry Ordinance effort has moved somewhat slower since Ken Smith has been away for much of the past two months. In addition, the effort has run into some serious problems in deciding how to proceed. There are problems with most approaches, either in being overly restrictive, hard to understand or prohibitively expensive to comply. Fred suggested that perhaps we should consider recommending an ordinance requiring only a permit that informs the Town of what is to be done so that at least information will start to be accumulated. We will revisit Forestry, at least briefly, in March.

Report for the Habitats Working Group: Fred passed out Rae Dumont’s report on the Habitats Working Group (attached to these Minutes) work session. The Commission reviewed a few of the maps reviewed at the session. Fred noted that those present expressed enthusiasm for learning more about the information available and what the options might be for a conservation effort in the Mud Creek area. Fred hopes to get Barb Welch of Frenchman Bay Conservancy to speak at our May meeting. Not only is she knowledgeable about Conservation efforts, but she has considerable GIS experience. Susan noted that she has taken a GIS course herself and is upgrading her computer to be able to handle GIS data. Nancy made the point that perhaps a conservation effort involving raising money to buy land or interests in land should be undertaken by a citizen’s group, and not the Commission.

Report from Gravel Pit Reclamation Working Group: As requested by the Commission in December, the Working Group submitted a list of specific issues to the full Commission for action. The list is attached to these minutes. After discussion, Fred agreed to draft specific language on ##3, 5 and 6. Susan will look at #4 and try to think of an approach. Susan will also get information to Fred on the legislative activity around sludge (#9). Both Fred and Susan will try to get a handle on how to deal with #7.

Planning Board Report: No one could attend the Planning Board meeting this month.

Respectfully Submitted,

Fred Stocking, Chair
Lamoine Conservation Commission