606 Douglas Highway
Lamoine, Me 04605
Minutes of the Meeting of May 14, 2003

The meeting started at 7:08 p.m.

Commission members present: Fred Stocking (chair), Susan Wuorinen, Nancy Pochan, Raymonde Dumont (secretary)

Others Attending: Carol Korty, Ken Smith, Beth Leveque, Jo Cooper, Michael Garrett, Joan Bragdon, Raymond and Arlyss Becker, and several others.

The revised agenda was reviewed: Barb Welch was unable to speak as scheduled due to family illness. Fred suggested a discussion of mapping, in addition to other agenda items.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting: The minutes of April 9, 2003 were reviewed and approved by a vote of 4-0

Forestry Practices Ordinance update: The next step in this process remains a subcommittee meeting .

Parks Ordinance: Fred’s revised draft proposal was discussed in detail, and final changes were agreed upon. These will be incorporated into a final draft, to be voted on at the next LCC meeting.

In the course of discussion, Jo Cooper noted that a “Volunteer Patrol” is under consideration, modeled on Hancock, where a patrol has operated successfully and at reasonable expense (insurance and materials). This would help with the issue of enforcement of an ordinance, by serving as a deterring presence.

There was some discussion about public access in the inter-tidal area on privately owned land (such as that adjacent to Marlboro Beach). Raymond Becker will provide Rae with the latest revised statute to this effect. There was a lively discussion about whether to require leashes, and about which other restrictions should be specified in the Ordinance. Overall it was agreed to avoid unnecessary restrictions in the ordinance, in favor of using posted signs. Raymond Becker raised the issue of naming: “Parks and Recreation Commission” vs. “Parks Commission”? The latter was approved by a vote of 4-0.

Gravel Pit Restoration proposal : Fred had drafted amendments to the existing ordinance, which were reviewed. Susan researched what the qualifications and licensing of Landscape Architects entail. It was concluded that drafting and evaluating restoration proposals is well within the scope of their professional certification, and that their licensing standards should offer a reasonable guarantee of the opinions supplied, even if hired by the permit applicants. Therefore, no review by an independent Landscape Architect will be required on the part of the Town.

Some discussion was held about the optimal slope to be required for the restored surface. Ken Smith noted that 2.5-1 is very steep, and that 3-1 would be more stable, as well as having precedents in landfill ordinances for instances. However, it was agreed that the amendments would meet with greater resistance if made more stringent, and that in any event a Landscape Architect might require a less steep slope based on the particular characteristics of the site under review.

Michael Garrett raised the question of whether it suffices to require that the restored floor of a pit be 5 feet above the water table, since this would mean that a subsequent building site could entail digging a cellar as deep as the water table. After some discussion, it was agreed that this would be a point for the Planning Board to review in the course of granting a building permit.

The final draft of the amendments to the Gravel Pit Restoration Ordinance was then approved by a vote of 4-0.

Mapping Discussion : postponed to the next LCC meeting for lack of time.

Planning Board and Selectmen’s concerns : Jo Cooper noted that a new LCC Commission member would need to be appointed as soon as Pat Wallace’s resignation letter would be received.

Jo also suggested that in future, public concerns be invited in the beginning of the LCC meeting, rather than at the end. All agreed to this suggestion.

Thirdly, she had heard a speaker discuss the Maine Department of Conservation and raised the possibility of State support from Land for Maine’s Future, which might assist in fundraising efforts for conservation. She (Jo Cooper) will inquire and let the commission know.

Plans for next Meeting: Presentation by Barb Welch, and further work with Natural Habitats: Barb Welch, of the Frenchman Bay Conservancy, will be invited to speak on June 11 at 7 PM (during first half of regularly scheduled LCC meeting). Rae will send announcements to Stu Markoon for distribution to residents, and to the local newspapers.

Concerns of others attending: Carol Korty brought up the Comprehensive Plan, and whether it would be of use in countering the negative of sprawl on habitat. Fred noted that the Maine Coast Heritage Trust recently held a “Sprawl Meeting” at which comprehensive plans were felt not to have worked, because of containing too much compromise to be effective. Susan wondered about a building moratorium to buy some time as the pressure of development is accelerating. Jo though this would not apply.

Carol Korty had written a letter in Winter to Hydro-geologist John Pond of CES, to inquire about obtaining current data on the wells and water quality in Lamoine, in follow-up to the Gerber Study of 1983. This letter has not received a response but was passed on to a private Hydro-geology contractor, Peter Garrett, who spoke with Fred. An answer to all of the questions raised in the letter would be prohibitively expensive, but Mr. Garrett offered to review the available information, and to come to a meeting of LCC for a consultation, at which a further proposal would be formulated. This preliminary consultation would cost $1500. Rae agreed to contact the Maine Community Foundation about a grant to cover this expense.

Fred noted that, while the DHS states that the principal threat to drinking water in Maine is development, a town without a sewer system actually recycles the water used locally. Therefore Lamoine, which relies solely and septic systems, need not worry about water quantity (as distinct from water quality).

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Raymonde Dumont
Lamoine Conservation Commission