606 Douglas Highway
Lamoine, Me 04605
Minutes of the Meeting of July 9, 2003

The meeting started at 7:07 p.m.

Commission members present : Fred Stocking (chair), Nancy Pochan, Raymonde Dumont (secretary)
Susan Wuorinen has resigned due to health reasons.

Others Attending : Ken Smith, Carol Korty, Joan Bragdon, Bethany Hansen, Donna Theall.
Joan Bragdon applied to be an Associate Member of the LCC and was accepted.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting : The minutes of June 11, 2003 were reviewed and approved by a vote of 3-0.

Concerns of those attending: Paul Mitchell is a Boy Scout preparing for Eagle Scout. He has agreed to arrange for construction of Plexiglas cases for the Habitat maps. Location, size and design options were discussed with him. Paul thought funds for the materials could be raised through a bottle drive. He will get back to Rae when he has a specific proposal.

Carol Korty asked how we (the LCC) could be more helpful to the Planning Board with respect to keeping track of details of “recycling” building applications. It is not clear whether the limits of our mandate include such a role. Fred described our role as 1. Providing a flow of data to the planning board for their use. 2. Promoting a public dialog regarding Lamoine’s future.

She also reported that the Cold Stream Water Company has requested that the permit application for stump grinding on a depleted gravel pit be postponed till a hydrogeologist has performed a study of the site and determined whether the operation might affect the Spring’s water quality. However, the permit was granted based on a study commissioned by the applicant. Discussion is taking place about whether to appeal the permit or not.

Finally, she voiced a concern about the continuing high numbers of building permit applications in town, signaling ongoing rapid development, in the absence of an updated Comprehensive Plan. Our role regarding the Comprehensive Plan was debated, as was the time line, and priorities, and ways to poll residents’ opinions. Cluster zoning and acreage of lots will be important to discuss.

Joan Bragdon can provide literature on the human factor in Mining Reclamation.

Gravel Pit Restoration proposal : discussion postponed.

Aquifer concerns : Carol Korty reported that hydrogeologist Peter Garrett will be performing a study for the Cold Spring Water Company, concerning a “wellhead protection zone”. Some of the information for this study would overlap with data (from pit owners, private wells, and DEP) relevant to our concerns regarding the state of the aquifer. It would be optimal to be able to contract with Mr. Garrett within the next couple of weeks. To this purpose, we would need to be assured of obtaining $1,500 for the preliminary study. Rae has made contact with Liz Patterson (664-7496) of Soil and Water Conservation, and will request a more definitive response from her within the next couple of days. Other sources of funding were discussed for future reference, including Project Canopy grants (for community forestry programs), and Maine Forest Service (with a deadline of September 5). Nancy Pochan and Donna Theall will investigate this further.

Forestry Practices: Ken Smith is continuing to work on details, and we will postpone discussion to August meeting.
Involving a forester will require funding, which Fred will discuss with Jo Cooper and Stu Markoon.

Parks Ordinance : was reviewed again, with final changes proposed. The ultimate draft will be presented at the next meeting.

Plans for future meetings of LCC : Special events : for August, Gary Friedman of the Bar Harbor CC will be invited to discuss their experience. For September or October, a panel will be invited including Ted C
Koffman from COA, with expertise on development and sprawl; an academic from COA; a member of our planning board. Carol Korty agreed to coordinate this panel. We will discuss how to promote and publicize this event “Development and Lamoine’s Future” at the next, August 13 meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Raymonde Dumont
Lamoine Conservation Commission