Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department


Minutes of the Meeting

February 9, 2005


Members Present: Carol Korty, Fred Stocking, Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Donna Theall.

Attendees: Georgia Munsell and Ken Smith.

The meeting was called to order at 7:04.

•  Review of Agenda. No changes noted.

•  Consideration of Minutes of November Meeting. Move to accept the minutes with minor revisions. Seconded and accepted 4 to 0.

•  Consideration of Minutes of December Meeting. Move to accept the minutes with revisions. Seconded and accepted 4 to 0.

•  Listening to the concerns and comments of those attending. Georgia Munsell, who spearheaded Lamoine's cleanup in 2004, attended the meeting to discuss litter pickup for this spring and get feedback on comments received last year.

•  Select a day earlier in the spring to avoid heat and humidity and bugs. Suggested the first Saturday in May (7 th ). Potential problem: it's the day before Mother's Day. After discussion, the 7 th was agreed upon and it may encourage people to participate because it's just before Mother's Day.

•  Begin at 8:30 instead of 8:00. End at 11:30. Fred Stocking suggested beginning at 9:00, officially ending at 11:30. Agreed.

•  It should happen rain or shine. Too problematic to try to have a “rain date.” Carol Korty suggested prizes for several categories, but “keep it simple” prevailed, at least for this year.

•  There were 35 volunteers last year. We could not cover all the roads. If each person could get just one more person, we would have plenty of people to do the job. Georgia has contacted the boy scouts and girl scouts, and they have shown interest in participating.

•  Last year we had 25 vests from the Highway Dept. After some research, Georgia found that there was some money available from the Town to buy some vests. Wal Mart's Fall sale allowed her to buy vests at $1 each, and there are now 50 vests available.

•  Last year's bags were too large and cumbersome. This year the highway department will provide 25lb. Bags.

•  Should we separate recyclable items? Although it would be the right environmental thing to do, it was not feasible to do so at this time. Our experience was that bottles and cans were dirty and broken for the most part.

•  Should be provide water? It's a thoughtful gesture and Fred suggested we have bottles available when people pick up their vests and location information.

•  Caution signs warning drivers to slow down. The Town has two large ones that Stu will make available for that day. The Highway Department will make the orange, “Workers Ahead” signs available to us.

•  We will emphasize that people must bring their own heavy duty work gloves. We will provide disposable plastic liners to wear under them as an extra measure of safety and to keep hands dry.

•  No signup is necessary. Participants will meet at the Town Hall.

•  Someone needs to be at the Town Hall to greet returnees and get their feedback.

•  Advertising. Will ask Stu to put on cable. School announcement. Press release for local papers. Posters at Town Hall, transfer station, general store, etc.

The Commission thanked Georgia for her involvement and indicated their appreciation for her continuing willingness to spearhead this very important effort.

Ken Smith brought up a matter regarding Sunday hunting – an issue that Governor Baldacci is backing and has made part of the state's budget. Ken recently spoke at a meeting in Augusta , called to hear opinions from citizens. Ken is a hunter and landowner in Lamoine. He is against Sunday hunting for several reasons, but believes that if it passes, many landowners will post “No Trespassing” signs on their property. This has more clout than posting a “No Hunting” sign, since the first is enforced by the Sheriff's Department and the latter can only be enforced by the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. He was not asking the Commission to take a stand on this issue, but rather wanted us to be aware of it in case it passes, although doubtful at this time, because it will affect Lamoine's hunting community.

Carol Korty informed the Commission about several meetings and workshops about which we had received mail.

•  Forestry and Wildlife Workshop, Audubon Society. Not directly relevant.

•  Maine Forest Service, Project Canopy. Has been mentioned for two years. Will at this time continue our efforts with the Freshwater Initiative.

•  Coastal Acadia Development, Maine Shore Stewards, Maine Coastline – all interesting and merit further investigation, but not at this time.

Carol K. mentioned the Maine Community Foundation as a grant source. They give small grants, $500 to $3,000. Because LLC received a Maine Community Foundation grant for the Freshwater Initiative, we shouldn't reapply to them in the coming year for further grants.

Fred S. mentioned that the Hancock County Planning Commission is holding another presentation on affordable housing and subdivisions in March. Ken indicated a meeting on cluster development on March 31, to be held at Boggy Brook.

•  Planning Board and Selectfolk Concerns. The Chair attended the January meeting of the Board of Selectmen and reported that Stu needs help due to the complexity of issues and number of boards in the town; and Bill Ross of Pinetree Waste appeared to discuss “inexactitudes of how they figured out our tonnage,” creating instances of double billing. The multi-year contract with them is due for renewal next year, and the Conservation Commission can help the Board consider options.

The Commission intends of have a member attend each of the Planning Board meetings, and the next three meetings are covered:

2/14 Informational Meeting – Carol

3/1 Regular Meeting -Lynda

4/5 Regular Meeting – Donna

5/3 Regular Meeting – Lynda

Carol Korty attended the last Selectmen meeting to learn more about the septic issue in Bar Harbor Highlands. We, the Town, do not have our own plumbing ordinances, and the State has concluded that although the conditions do not meet their standards, adjustments can be made to be within code. Although the landowner is working within existing laws and ordinances, Carol has deep concerns about the existing homeowners' drinking water, the filling of wetlands, and the overall effect of this construction project. Fred S. asked what was the next step and Carol said the party was proceeding to fill out a permit application to present to the Planning Board . The Chair suggests that we look into helping the Planning Board look at its ordinances from a conservation viewpoint. A referendum with appropriate number of signatures would be needed for the town to establish plumbing ordinances that are stronger than the State's.

•  Report from the Long-Range Planning Committee. It is ready to work on formulating appropriate questions on a questionnaire that will be distributed to townspeople at a future date. Questions in a questionnaire, Attitude Survey of Land Use – Town of Lamoine prepared by the Planning Board in the early 1990's should be asked again. John Peckenham of the Mitchell Center suggested that we ask, “Do you know where your drinking water comes from?”

The war memorial topic has been set aside until they hear from a Franklin man who has recently gone through the process of establishing a war memorial for that town.

•  Report of the Recycling Subcommittee. Pass. No members present.

•  Request for Support from Tom Martin, Executive Director of Hancock County Planning Commission on a water quality grant. We weren't able to help him at the time. They went ahead with the grant application. No action is needed at this time.

•  Status of Freshwater Initiative. Carol Korty sent interim reports to the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund and the Maine Community foundation. NEGEF congratulated us on having recruited a large number of volunteers. On 3/12 there is a training in Leominster , MA regarding the Care and Feeding of Volunteers. No one could attend. NEGEF asked us what location and what topics would be appealing for workshops. Locations: Augusta , Belfast and Bangor/Orono. Topics: How to talk to our neighbors on sensitive issues. Reported on progress made and status of this initiative. Advice on how to get a town to change its ordinances. How to work with the press.

They would like a report on the entire project, within a year from our having received the funds. One more packet for Lamoine needs to be completed. Theresa has taken on coordinating Ellsworth's 22 packets. Carol has made progress in identifying new volunteers in Ellsworth to work on this. Hancock's 13 packets have all gone out, but not all questionnaires have been returned. Bruce Gillette and Teresa Thornton worked on entering the data on the January 19 meeting of the LLC.

Carol talked with people from Barrington , NH near Nottingham . The town has been battling a bottling company for four years to keep them from drawing water from their aquifer, it seems unsuccessfully. They discovered their existing town ordinances did not give them adequate protection. Further information can be got at . Also recommended reading the report from Canada called Blue Gold , Spring 2001, written by Maude Barlow, which is a report on world drinking water.

•  Planning for March Meeting. We will meet at Town Hall on 2/23 to discuss specifics.

•  Adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 9:05.

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary.

•  Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on ______________, 2005, by a vote of ___ to ___.

Fred Stocking, Chair