Town of Lamoine, Maine
Town Hall
Fire Department

Conservation Commission Meeting
May 12, 2004

Present: Fred Stocking, Carol Korty, Donna Theall, Tom Spruce, Lynda Tadema-Wielandt
Other attendees: Ken Smith, Mike Garrett, Georgia Munsell.

1. Introduction of new members. Tom Spruce and Lynda Tadema-Wielandt were introduced.

2. Review of the agenda for the meeting. Fred Stocking, Chair, read the agenda. There were no changes.

3. Minutes of the last meeting. The chair read the minutes. Motion to approve as read. So moved and approved.

4. Comprehensive Planning Project update. Carol Korty indicated that she had spoken with Isabel Mancinelli, COA faculty member teaching the mapping and land use course, about her COA students distributing flyers at the Long Range Planning meeting on May 13. Carol has also given the names and phone numbers of 24 Lamoine residents for the students to contact. She had previously obtained their approval. On June 2 from 7 to 9, there will be a meeting at the Consolidated School to provide an update on the project.

5. Roadside Litter Pick-up proposal. Carol Korty read a letter received from Georgia Munsell regarding a litter pickup effort for Lamoine. Antje Ludwig and Robin Barstow had also indicated an interest in getting a group of volunteers together to help clean up the roadside litter, as had Nancy Pochan and others. Georgia Munsell ( is willing to help set up the project. Following discussion on what to call the effort, when to have it, who ought to be involved, whom to contact, who would finance it, how to publicize it, and where everyone should meet, the Chair recommended that the Conservation Commission endorse this effort. Georgia Munsell and Lynda Tadema-Wielandt ( were asked to form a committee to establish a spring cleanup effort for the Town of Lamoine with the purpose of having it become an annual event. So moved and approved.

6. Concerns and comments of those attending. Tom Spruce spoke on a recent meeting he had attended at the Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI) in Blue Hill. The topic had been the pollutants that enter the Gulf of Maine, their sources and effects on the ecosystem. Some of the pollutants are evaporated diesel, antifreeze, pesticides, herbicides, and invasive species. Tom distributed pamphlets (available on the shelves with Conservation Commission materials at Town Hall) which he had collected at the meeting. He said to call Sara Curtis of MERI, 374-2135, if we wanted more information on the Gulf of Maine, MERI, or any upcoming meetings.

Ken Smith spoke about his recent meeting on “Food Waste Composting” with an enthusiastic group in Bar Harbor. Mark King from the State Planning Office, Waste Management and Recycling Program, spoke on this new initiative that is being promoted by the State. Many of the Bar Harbor restaurants are very interested in this although accomplishing it is more complex. At present restaurants do not pay for disposal of food waste. Mrs. Gott was in attendance representing the haulers. They intend to meet with the restaurant owners to discuss ways to establish a viable composting operation. Next meeting will be after October 12. Fred Stocking suggested that lists or a decal on the door of those who participate in this effort could be an incentive for others to join. Ken said there is a desire to make this work. The compost would be offered to town parks. Jackson Lab sends its mouse litter to Hawk Ridge in Monroe, a large scale composting facility owned by Pine Tree Waste.

There was discussion on how Lamoine could improve its recycling efforts and reduce the trash that goes to the transfer station. Charging $1 per bag (or $2 per bag as Ellsworth does) was suggested. Ken mentioned that Lamoine’s recycling efforts indicated a high participation, but in fact, the figures included the swap shop at the transfer station, which skewed the figures. He said that the Public Works Study Committee visited recycling operations in other towns. It was suggested that a recycling committee be formed out of the Conservation Commission to look at this issue. The Chair suggested that Ken Smith and Al Sternfield, manager of the transfer station, come to the July 14th meeting to educate the Commission on solid waste and recycling in Lamoine.

Mike Garrett, as member of the Planning Board, said that Steve Joy plans to amend the subdivision on Pasture Way to include 12 lots.

Carol Korty indicated her concerns about Latona Spring and Blunt’s Pond. Her concerns stemmed from knowing that the water is not monitored nor maintained. The Wuorinens had it tested a couple of years ago and a test came back showing e-coli. It has no cover and birds roost on the branches overhead. Ken Smith agreed. Both stated that it would be a loss to the residents of Lamoine for this spring to become unusable. The land is owned by two women, one in Alaska, the other in Boulder, CO. Carol will ask Susan Wuorinen to contact the owner she has dealt with to express the Conservation Commission’s desire to help with the maintenance of the Spring.

Blunt’s Pond is full of weeds. When the water level goes down, it is difficult to swim in it.

7. Planning Board and Selectfolk concerns. Mike Garrett said that Fred had made a presentation of the Parks Ordinance drafted by the Conservation Commission last year. He had answered the Planning Board’s questions, and the Planning Board had passed it on to the Selectmen for their consideration.

Mike Garrett of the Planning Board mentioned that on May 22 at 8a.m. board members were doing an onsite visit at the MacQuinn gravel pit near Cold Spring. Upon inquiry from Carol Korty, Mike indicated that members were welcome to go along on the visit. The Planning Board has been persuaded to require an impact study be done before any gravel extraction takes place. A hydrogeologist from SW Cole has been hired to do the study. Carol Korty asked why we couldn’t have our own hydrologist do the impact study. The consensus was that not only did we not have the money to hire anyone, but also SW Cole was known as a reputable and cautious firm.

8. Progress Report and discussion on funding aquifer research. Carol Korty reported on her grant efforts to located enough money to fund the aquifer research projects. She has spoken with John Peckenham of the Mitchell Center, UMaine, Orono. The Island Foundation in Massachusetts is interested to get more information from 2-3 other towns in the state. Carol has spoken with Ellsworth and Hancock to collaborate with Lamoine on a grant for a study on our shared aquifer. Both towns are very interested. New England Grassroots Environmental Fund gives grants of $2,500 but it must be designated for expenses by volunteers from town, not for the Mitchell Center expenses. We are slowly getting the money we need to fund this project. We need $24,000.

9. Update on recycling project. Nancy Pochan was absent so Lynda Tadema-Wielandt reported. Flyers about the bins were distributed at the transfer station on May 1. We received 23 orders for compost bins at $35 each with checks or cash going to the Town of Lamoine. Since the bins come in 20-unit lots, we will try to piggyback with another town for the other three. Stu has agreed to unlock the transfer station when the bins arrive the week of June 26. Owners will be called to pick them up. A check made out to NRRA for the whole amount must go to Rhonda Cartlidge of the State Planning Office in Augusta by May 21.

10. Planning for next meeting. On June 2 the Conservation Commission will sponsor a meeting at the Lamoine School for COA students to present the results of the mapping and land use project the have worked on this term.
The next meeting is June 9.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15.

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt.

Approved By the LCC on June 9, 2004

/S/ 7/14/04
Fred Stocking, Chair Date
Lamoine Conservation Commission