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Lamoine Conservation Commission Minutes

May 11, 2005

Minutes taken by Donna Theall.

The meeting started at 7:08 p.m. and was televised over closed circuit cable.

Commission members present : Fred Stocking, Carol Korty, Tom Spruce, Donna Theall, Alternates: Donna Thorburn and Bob Pulver

Others in attendance: Ken Smith, Nancy Pochan, Joan Bragdon

Fred introduced new member Donna Thorburn, who is able to vote. Fred read meeting minutes from April 13 th meeting, which he had recorded.

Ken suggested an amendment to the minutes but they were not changed. Minutes approved unanimously with minor typographical corrections.

Meeting Minutes

Roadside Cleanup

Carol noted that some folks who had turned out for cleanup said they would try cleanup on another day, since the day for cleanup was cold, windy and rainy. Carol saw the Beckers picking up trash on Rte 184 after the official clean-up day. Carol and Donna Theall said they would go out and do more cleanup. We discussed:

Listening to the concerns of those attending

At our last meeting, a resident who had been watching the meeting on cable called in to comment. Fred opened up this section of the meeting to the viewing public—suggesting that anyone who would like may call in during this portion of the meeting, starting today and going forward.

Nancy Pochan wanted to know more about logging rules in town. Fred said the town maintains reports regarding cutting. Land owners must file an “Intention to Harvest” notice, though it stays in effect for two years. Logging volume must be reported to the state. We could collect the notices and create a comprehensive report. Nancy said she may look into it further.

Ken Smith reported on meetings he attended:


Carol Korty reported on the Eleventh Annual Maine Water Conference 2005 that she attended Augusta in March regarding groundwater and coastal sprawl filling in watershed areas. Discussion also included mercury contamination and the relationship of money and the oceans. As per conference attendee, Representative Tom Allen, in Washington DC , spin is dominant today – facts are ignored, there is no positive discussion. The concern about the health of our oceans is bipartisan, as is invasive species, which costs 120 billion across the country.

America 's lakes and rivers are a tremendous world resource that is endangered. Mercury concerns are high in the Northeast. Interestingly, plankton can remove mercury from water. John Peckenham and Teresa Thornton attended the conference and reported on the Freshwater Initiative project in Lamoine.

Carol traveled to Augusta with Michele Gagnon – Ellsworth City Planner and Travis Hussey – Director of the Union River Watershed (URW). They had good discussion during the ride. The Card Brook watershed is a source of pollution in the Ellsworth area and the Card Brook watershed starts in North Lamoine . URW would like to make a project out of cleanup of Card Brook. The URW has expressed an interest in working cooperatively with LCC, though not specifically on the Card Brook project. URW has paid one paid staff coordinator (Travis Hussey) and access to many volunteers.

Planning Board and Select folk meeting – May 12 agenda items:

Recycling Subcommittee – Tom Spruce and Donna Thorburn

Tom passed out a brochure from EPA on Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) system for handling trash. The committee recommends that LCC approach the Select Board with a PAYT plan for Lamoine. Discussion of:

Donna Thorburn said we could appeal to two groups: 1) Cost-conscious 2) Environment-conscious. Nancy mentioned a regional approach, there are other towns that recycle mixed paper -- we could find them and try to work with them. Ken said Victor Horton, Executive Director of Maine Resource Recovery Association, could come speak to us on recycling. Allen Sternfield was approached by Fred and Ken regarding PAYT system. He feels he cannot adequately monitor such a system.

We need to come up with more details on how PAYT will work with numbers/figures, education/communication material and a plan prior to bringing any suggestions to the Select Board. An LCC work session is scheduled to discuss on Tuesday, May 24th 7p.m. at town hall.

Freshwater Initiative

Carol Korty spoke to John Peckenham. Teresa Thornton and John sampled Cold Spring Water Company (CSWC) and have recommendations for them. They will meet with the CSWC board to discuss. Maine 's Department of Human Services Wellhead Protection Grant of $5,000 for the study of CSWC states the project must be completed and the money spent by August 31, 2005 . John Peckenham wishes to finish the study and submit a financial report to the State by June 30 th , the end of the State's fiscal year. The Maine Community Foundation and the New England Environmental Grassroots Fund, our other two funding organizations, require that at the conclusion of the Fresh Water Initiative study, Lamoine, Ellsworth and Hancock assess whether or not our current ordinances are providing adequate protection to the aquifer and, if not, that we take steps to change them.

We are nearing the end of the FI effort. John and Teresa have visited approximately 17 pits, 46 wells in Lamoine and some blueberry fields. See attached report for full details. John Peckenham provided a spreadsheet of gravel pit and well data. We are hoping to get an informal report from John and Teresa in June for LCC to be followed by a final report with findings in a town meeting format. John's quick assessment of the project is there are no big surprises, no major red flags, however, we must make changes – or we may have water problems in our future. We need to look into reclaiming inactive gravel pits. Nancy suggested we tie a Project Canopy grant to gravel pit reclamation project.

Fred and Carol will meet to review grant fund spending.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on __by a vote of ____ to ____


Fred Stocking, Chair