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Working Notes - Freshwater Initiative

Thanks for being part of this project. It was very rewarding to see your interest and the many good ideas you provided. I have listed below some brief notes from our meeting. Please feel free to make any changes.

The Ellsworth students will meet with John and Teresa on March 7, at the present time the meeting is scheduled for 8:00 and should run about an hour. John and Teresa will provide information on the aquifer and water testing. The actual testing will be conducted on 3/8 and 3/9. Both Marti and Cindi will conduct the testing. Cindi and Marti do not need any additional safety equipment. Cindi and Marti will share how their tests went with Tim and Linda to improve the Lamoine test. The Ellsworth students will record test results and locations using excel and Google earth. They will also work on a power point presentation on their finding, the spread sheet will include data from the Lamoine students once they conclude their testing. The Ellsworth students will also work a less complex power point presentation for the Lamoine students. Marti and Cindi are interesting having the grant purchase a simple GPS device (LL Bean type). Tim suggested taping the testing everyone agreed. Cindi and Marti will try to get the AV class to tape their testing.

Tim and Linda will combine their classes for the testing. John and Teresa will meet with Tim and Linda on 3/16-8:00 . No subs will be required. A date for the testing will be determined at this meeting. John will provide gloves, eye protection, and eye droppers.

The invoice for any of these items will be given to Bob. The testing will be set up at different stations, the students will travel between station in groups of 3. The details of set up will be determined at the 3/16 meeting. Tim will prepare learning activities for the students who are waiting to test the samples. The test results will be recorded on paper excel sheets, the sheets will be copied and sent to Marti and Cindi to be entered in on master spread sheet. All students will be provided with eye protection and gloves (to increase student interest and feeling of a lab).Tim will arrange for the taping of the Lamoine test.

Carol will put into the parent letter something about simple chemicals will be use (wording to inform but not to alarm). She will also inform parents the students might be photographed.

Bob and Carol will work on PR

John will loan maps of aquifers to Cindi and Cindi.

Everyone agreed that the project goal should be all test data and locations should be recorded on software and a paper map should be produced.

Everyone agreed that the students should make some type of report to the LCC,Selectmen etc. Bob and Carol will work on this. The projected time is May or June.

Thanks again for your interest and time.

Bob Pulver