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Lamoine Conservation Commission

Minutes of July 12, 2006

(Draft, Subject to Change)

Present Members of the Lamoine Conservation Commisision: Donna Theall , Carol Korty, Tom Spruce , Lynda Tadema-Wielandt; alternates Bob Pulver and Donna Thorburn. Absent: Fred Stocking.

Bangor Hydro representatives: Lisa Martin, Debbie Manning, John Gabarra and Steve Sloan.

Members of the public: Kathy DeFusco, Lucia Michielli, Ken Smith , Joan and Aubrey Strout.

The meeting was not transmitted via closed-circuit cable due to lack of an operator.

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM . Donna Theall presided.

  1. Consideration of Minutes – Lynda Tadema-Wielandt read the minutes, and after several corrections, they were voted on and approved 5 to 0.
  2. Bangor Hydro Electric (BH)– report on new project in Lamoine. Lisa Martin presented an agenda and discussed each item.
    1. Project – it is now a reality. The need has been established for a new line. Hancock County has shown a 4% growth between 2000 and 2004, and it is expected to continue.
    2. A new 115kV transmission line will go through NE Lamoine. It affects 9 parcels, and all owners are willing to have Bangor Hydro proceed.
    3. Bangor Hydro purchased the Alanna Road subdivision and Brooke Childrey 's house (she was transferred). They have reached agreements with property owners John Nichols, Walt McFarland, and have purchased easements rights over Janet Igoe's property which is located in three communities.
    4. Construction is expected to begin in 2008.
    5. John Gabarra will finish contacting all the landowners. Once completed, they will have a possible route for the transmission line. 4-6 weeks.
    6. Bangor Hydro will ramp up the communication process – 3 open houses, here and in Trenton .
    7. They will contact environmental and regulatory groups in August.
    8. Lastly, they will go to the permitting phase, which will take about a year. Key permits are:
      1. Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. The PUC approves.
      2. ISO (Independent System Operator) NE
      3. NE Energy Pool
      4. DEP
      5. US Army Corps of Engineers
      6. Municipal permits from Ellsworth, Hancock, Lamoine and Trenton
      7. Cost of this installation is expected add $1 per month to electric bills.

Bob Pulver asked what BH uses to keep their right-or-ways clear of brush. They replied they use pesticides. We showed them where the aquifer is, and the transmission line appears to go across part of it. They asked for a map showing the aquifer, and said they would take necessary precautions. We will supply one for them.

  1. Freshwater Initiative Update: Water Testing – Carol reported that John Peckenham has almost completed the water level testing of the 11 wells.
  2. Recycling Committee Update (Tom and Donna) – The Committee has been having some very good meetings. There was a small article in the Lamoine Quarterly. Lucia has been talking with Ellsworth recycling and Maine Resource Recycling Association (MRRA), to get ideas about the brochure. It will have “Further Recycling Ideas” on the back cover. Stu will set it up for them. They are looking for good graphics. Ken Smith will look it over. They will have it ready to go in September. They plan to have an article in the Quarterly every edition: Most Often Asked Questions, an article on composting by Nancy Pochan , and the introduction of “Willy Wastenot.”
  3. Listening to the Concerns of Those Attending – Ken reminded everyone about the dedication of the Coleman woodlot on July 29 th . There will be tours until noon , but one can walk it all day.
  4. Planning Board and Selectfolk Concerns – No one from the Planning Board was present, but it was decided that Lynda would attend the next meeting on August 1, and Carol K. would attend the one on or around September 5. Our request to the Selectmen for monies to buy two signs will be addressed at their next meeting on July 13th .
  5. Planning for Land Conservation Initiative – Tabled.
  6. Update on Meeting with Parks Commission and Long Range Planning Committee (Fred) – Fred was absent, but Carol reported that Kerry Galeaz of the Parks Commission is very enthusiastic about meeting with us.
  7. Snowmobile Club and trails opportunity (Fred) – Tabled.
  8. Review of Award Proposal re: Conservation Award ( Donna Theall ) – Donna will type up her notes and will email them to the Commission. Suggestions: To talk about submissions in an open meeting, number each candidate. Elect the winner during a work session. Request nominations by posting at Town Hall, Town web site, Quarterly. Frequency: annual, but reserve right to not select anyone. Launch in 2006 for presentation at Town Meeting.
  9. Planning for August and September Meetings – No speaker in August. Park Commission to speak in September. Explore Land Acquisition ideas.

Adjourned at 8:50 .

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary.

Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on _____________ , by a vote of _____.

Fred Stocking, Chair