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Lamoine Conservation Commission Minutes

August 9, 2006 - Draft, Subject To Change

The meeting started at 7:00 p.m. and was not televised over closed circuit cable.

Commission members present : Fred Stocking, Carol Korty, Donna Theall, Bob Pulver

Others in attendance: Mike Garrett, Lucia Michielli, Don Bamman

Consideration of Minutes . July 12, 2006 minutes were read, reviewed and accepted with revisions by a vote of 3 to 0 – Bob Pulver made the motion, Donna Theall seconded. Fred will email revisions to Lynda since she was not present. Fred Stocking did not vote since he was not present at the July meeting.

Bangor Hydro Electric Project Follow Up

We had said we'd give BHE a map of the aquifer. Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, took the aquifer map from the Town's CD given by College of the Atlantic and forwarded it to Bangor Hydro, Carol Korty and Fred Stocking. Fred suggested Carol forward the map to the other LCC board members, which Carol said she would do. Fred will draft a letter to address the use of pesticides over the aquifer and send it to LCC board members for review. This will formalize our request to BHE to not use pesticides over the aquifer, to which they agreed verbally. Lisa Martin said she would send the Powerpoint presentation for Stu to put online – Carol will follow up on that.

Freshwater Initiative Update

John Peckenham called Carol to tell her the water level loggers have been placed in two pits: King's pit near the road and the Gott pit near the transfer station. Both pit owners are being very cooperative. John will provide data in about two weeks. He will also ask some other pit owners about placing loggers, once he has some data to share.

Teresa Thornton has taken a job in New York and will be leaving soon. She plans to duplicate the “Get Wet” program in her new position. Carol suggested we give her something to show our appreciation for her efforts – dinner, a quilt, a nice letter. It was decided to send a letter from LCC. Bob Pulver will draft a letter of recommendation and email to the board for review.

Budget data for the FWI is attached to these meeting minutes.

Recycling Committee Update

Is still working on brochure, graphics, etc. No meeting in August. Bob Pulver suggested a sign to put in at the Transfer Station stating that “Recycling Saves the Town/You Money.” Fred mentioned that statistics show that recycling levels off after initial startup. We should not expect a great increase in recycling numbers or great changes in behavior, but will continue our efforts toward recycling.

Planning Board and Selectfolk Concerns

Maine Audubon sent information about a new initiative on conserving Maine coastal habitat. This information has been left at Town Hall. Don Bamman attended the SWOAM dedication. It was well-attended and seems this will be a great resource for the town. Lynda Tadema-Wielandt attended, as well as other members of town commissions.

Union River Watershed

Carol mentioned a list of events sponsored by URWC from mid-August through mid-September. Travis Hussey is stepping down from his post at the URW. Carol had grant information from Maine Coast Heritage Trust on access to and working shore front. She doesn't think we qualify for the grants. Fred mentioned that access to the shore came up as a high priority on the survey that was sent by the Long Range Planning Committee. Carol said she'd investigate the grants.

Fred received a letter from Tim Hall of the Maine Department of Conservation regarding improvements to their boat launch facilities at the Lamoine State Park . It was read into the minutes and is attached here. Fred will respond to Mr. Hall informing him that he should attend the next Lamoine Planning Board meeting on September 5th and he will also notify the Parks Commission of receipt of this letter.

Mike Garrett reported that recent Planning Board meetings have been quiet. On September 20 th , the Planning Board will have its first informational meeting on changes to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. The Tweedie appeal is set for August 16th .

Don Bamman asked if his well is being monitored. Carol responded that she will follow up with John Peckenham about the houses on Orchard Lane .

Update on Meeting with Parks Commission

Fred spoke to Kerry Galeaz of Parks Commission . . They will be holding some work sessions to work out some internal issues. Kerry and Chris DeBray will attend the next LCC meeting to hear what we have been doing and to discuss the recreational needs of the town. It will be on the Sept. agenda.

Review of Conservation Award Proposal

We reviewed the notes presented by Donna Theall on the award procedures. We voted and approved to accept the proposal, as amended. Donna will email the updated proposal to LCC Board members for review. Fred will obtain pricing on plaques and take this information to the Selectboard for their review/approval. Donna contacted Pat Haugh to ask if she could sketch a logo for LCC that we may use on the Award/Nomination form. Pat agreed to do that and will get back to Donna.

Land Conservation Initiative

Fred presented his proposal for the Guidelines – we discussed and voted. Carol motioned that we accept them as read. Bob seconded. They were approved 4 to 0.

On September 6, the first meeting of the Land Conservation Initiative will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Lamoine School Library. There will be a short business meeting from 6 – 6:45 and from 7 to 8, Barbara Welch of the Frenchman Bay Conservancy will speak about her experience establishing the Conservancy, and will make suggestions and give encouragement to the fledgling group.

Snowmobile Club and trails opportunity

Bethany Hanson attended to discuss a trails opportunity. The Snowmobile club has small membership today. They have a trail which they use and an A-frame structure. The prevailing understanding was that the owner of the land being used by the club (about an acre) had leased it to the club and that will revert back to the landowner if the Snowmobile club ceases to exist. Stuart Branch had asked if we could assist. Fred did some investigation and found that in 1985, Mr. Whitcomb leased an acre to the west of Bloomfield Park to Frenchman's Bay Snowmobile Club. In 1993, Mr. Whitcomb deeded that acre to the Town of Lamoine . So now the question is, what kind of rights does the SnCl have to this land? There are no easements on record that Fred could find. Trails are probably allowed on “sufferance” meaning SnCl has no legal right to the trail. Bethany Hanson is willing to develop a trail project for Lamoine. We'd like to make access a little more formal, but not too regulated.

We will work with the Parks Commission. Carol suggested we put an article in the Quarterly which Fred will write. Fred stated that Surry has a trails program which was developed by two residents and perhaps we should invite them to a future meeting – possibly October – to discuss. Grants may be available for this type of activity. Bethany will get the names of the Surry folks. Bob will check with his friend in Surry to see if he can help find out their names.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Donna Theall

Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on ________________ by a vote of ____ to ____


Fred Stocking, Chair