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Meeting Minutes – September 13, 2006

The meeting started at 7:05 p.m. and was not televised over closed circuit cable.

Commission members present : Fred Stocking, Carol Korty, Donna Theall, Tom Spruce, Donna Thorburn

Others in attendance: Mike Garrett, Lucia Michielli, Don Bamman, Joan Strout, John Wuorinen, Nancy Pochan, Kathy DeFusco, Ken Smith, Christa Brey, Bethany Hanson, Kerry Galaez, Willem Brutsaert

Consideration of Minutes August 9, 2006 minutes were read, reviewed and accepted with revisions by a vote of 3 to 0.

Parks Commission/Trails Project Kerry said the Parks Commission, being a new commission, spent their first few meetings focusing on: establishing direction, mission, update to original Parks Commission Ordinance, signage for parks, kiosks. They are still defining themselves. Trails came up as a major issue on the Long Range Planning committee survey. LCC would like to collaborate with the Parks Commission to sponsor a Trails Project. Bethany Hanson is willing to participate, but needs support.

The Parks Commission (PC) discussed developing trails at Bloomfield Park . There is no plan, just a perceived need and some ideas for a trails program. Bethany spoke to Erica Rolands and Susan Hand-Shatterly (they developed a trails program in Surry). Surry purchased land for their trails program. Fred said he could work on trail easements, but we need agreement from landowners. Bethany said they mapped the trails in Surry. Ken mentioned that SWOAM has 2 miles of trails. Christa Brey said they could map existing trails if landowners agree. Bethany will ask Erica and Susan to come to LCC October meeting. Kerry will also attend. Fred suggested that the PC put the acre next to Bloomfield Park on their agenda. PC and LCC should meet regularly to stay in touch. Bethany will email Fred regarding the October meeting.

Fresh Water Initiative LCC needs to determine what will be the next phase of FWI. Work session held on 9/9 to discuss. Carol passed out minutes for the September 9 th working meeting – copy attached. The Mitchell Center is going to loan us one of their water level loggers to use

We want to involve Hancock elementary school in the “Get Wet” project —John and Teresa have plans for expansion too. John will implement the program in other communities around the state; Teresa Thornton will establish a program in New York .

John emailed Carol that the Island Foundation invited him to submit a grant proposal to determine the effect of gravel pit mining on ground water. The grant deadline is 9/30/2006 . Christa had done a fly over for the PC which can be used to review gravel pits in town. John Wuorinen mentioned that he had written a grant (which was approved) for Cold Spring Water Company to do a study, as mentioned in Item C (Hydrologic study of Lamoine's Cold Spring) of Carol's notes from Sept 9 th working session, but the project never got launched.

Ken mentioned that the Gerber report indicates that Blunts Pond recharges the aquifer. The Island Foundation will fund a project in Lamoine if the solution can be used as a model for other communities. Fred said the funders are looking for community solutions to community problems.

Of the 5 areas of concern raised by LCC work session, it was agreed that we could proceed to take on investigating how to reclaim spent, grandfathered pits in Lamoine, as the initial investigation would not require funds. Fred asked if there may be U. Maine students who would be interested in a graduate project.

Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone (APOZ) – Fred has written two pages and needs to draft the ordinance. He asked for assistance from the audience for a work session for the APOZ. Willem Brutsaert, Mike Garrett and John Wuorinen agreed to assist. Session is set for Wed. 9/27 4:00 p.m. at Town Hall. Ken Smith may attend.

Recycling Donna Thorburn said they committee is in a “holding pattern”. Material was reviewed for the brochures. The last piece to be done is to check with Al Sternfield. Al is currently on vacation. Anne Stocking will mock up a brochure, using Willy Wastenot logo, it will be reviewed with the Recycling Committee, LCC and Select Board. Target is to publish this in the final version of the Lamoine Quarterly for 2006. Fred will provide the trash facts sheet for Lucia.

Listening to Concerns of Those in Attendance Fred said a suggestion was raised in town that Gott was removing more gravel than was being paid for. Gott agreed and gave the town a check for 58K. A further review revealed more funds were due, in the amount of 135K. A bill is going to be sent, total thus far of unpaid fees is $231K.

Nancy Pochan was speaking to Antonio Blasi who expressed an interest in starting a Conservation Commission in Hancock. She recommended he call Fred, which he had already done and left a message. Fred did not know what the message was in relation to, but now he does.

There is a Shoreland Zoning Ordinance informational meeting on September 20 th at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall.

Cell Towers – discussion was held at Select Board meeting regarding placement of a cell tower in Lamoine. John Wuorinen expressed that there are health and safety concerns on siting of cell towers in relation to human beings. Fred read an email report from Bob Pulver regarding the cell tower discussion. Copy of the report is attached. Though the Select Board was interested in the health concerns, Bob felt the project would be approved, as there is no specific data that indicates a direct link between cell towers and health risks to human beings.

Mike Garret reported there is a new subdivision going in at 204 Walker Road . Site visit is September 23rd .

Maine Coast Heritage Trust advised Carol that LCC should work through Frenchman Bay Conservancy in efforts to increase public access to shore.

Land Conservation Initiative Six people met last week to discuss organization, strategic planning and identify possible candidates for preservation. They agreed they must find willing participant land owners. Barbara Welch provided land preservation techniques. We need to work with FBC, as they are expert in this area. Tools for land protection were discussed. Next meeting is October 17 th . Mike will review the tax maps for ownership. An article will be published in the Quarterly. Mike said FBC is eager to work with us if we get a project going and FBC will speak to the landowners on our behalf.

Bangor Hydro Follow Up No news. Fred wrote a letter, which we reviewed, regarding the use of herbicides on BHE land.

Conservation Award We have to draft a letter to the Select Board. The suggestion is to announce the winner at the town meeting. We will discuss in October – nominees, presenting first award.

General Discussion

Lynda Tadema-Wielandt arrived at 8:55 p.m. Fred gave a brief synopsis of the discussion on the trails program. We will publicize the meeting and provide light refreshments. Carol mentioned that we should publicize on 97.7 radio station and will send Donna Theall the contact info. Fred suggested a speaker for future meeting on Global Warming emissions reduction.

Kathy DeFusco asked if we know how new development impacts existing wells. Discussion was of lot sizes, cluster housing. The Long Range Planning Committee will present their findings to the town and recommend if the Comprehensive Plan should be revised for development issues. LTW said there is a meeting on September 28 th at 6:00 p.m. on conservation easements and sprawl issues in Hancock County – details were in the newspaper. It is being put on by Hancock County Planning Commission.

Meeting adjourned at 9:13 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Donna Theall

Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on ________________ by a vote of ____ to ____

/s/Fred Stocking, Chair