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Lamoine Conservation Commission Minutes

October 11, 2006

Present were: Fred Stocking, Carol Korty, Tom Spruce , Bob Pulver, Lynda Tadema-Wielandt and Donna Theall.

Invited speakers: Susan Hand-Shetterly, Norman Mrozicki, both of Friends of Morgan Bay, and Bethany Hanson of Lamoine.

Attending public: Joan Strout, Donna Thorburn, Lucia Michielli, Marion Stocking, Willem Brutsaert, Tim Harding, Josh Willard, Mike Garrett, Kathy DeFusco, Don Bamman, Ken Smith, Calvin Smith and Mima Grindle.

After introductions by Fred Stocking, Susan Hand-Shetterly and Norman Mrozicki spoke about the Friends of Morgan Bay and answered questions given to them in advance of the meeting. Their original and continuing goal is to preserve the two watersheds beginning at the head of Morgan Bay in Surry. Their first purchase was a parcel of 22 acres that cost $50,000. In addition, they raised another $20,000 for an endowment. They have stewardship of the 22 acres. About 5 years ago they bought a 25 acre parcel for a reasonable price.

They have been influential in acquiring a mountain heath which has a delicate ecosystem. They have 5 acres on the marsh and 32 acres on the other side. Although they have obtained easements on some properties, the Friends of Morgan Bay have also purchased land that otherwise might have been sold for development. Title to the land and easements are held by Blue Hill Heritage Trust.

They have a group of volunteers who work to establish trails on the land they have obtained. All the Surry trails are for walking only. They are not multi use. Susan and Norman suggested when blazing trails to stay away from established vegetation and to avoid difficult terrain.

When asked how one approaches landowners about granting easements, Susan said it was important to write them a letter asking to talk to them and then listen to the owners' comments about their land. Owners have granted easements based on knowing that conservation land existed beyond their property and they wanted to provide access to it.

Susan and Norman were thanked for coming and sharing their experience and suggestions with us.

The regular meeting of the Lamoine Conservation Commission was called to order at 8:30 .

  1. Donna Theall read the minutes of September 13. Minutes were approved as amended on a vote of 5 to 0.
  2. Recycling Committee Donna Thorburn presented the final brochure, prepared with the help of Anne Stocking . The Committee hopes to present the brochure to the Selectmen in November. A motion to support the Recycling Committee in their efforts to present the brochure at the Selectmen's November meeting was seconded and approved 5 to 0.
  3. Concerns of those attending: Josh Willard of the Frenchman Bay Snowmobile Association stated that the Association was still very much in existence and that they plan to continue using the existing trails in Lamoine. He acknowledged that the club house was in need of repairs and lighting. Their group meets the first Wednesday of every month in the club house. Anyone can attend. It is a pot luck supper. About 10 members usually attend. They have 17 miles of trails and have been in existence since the 70's. They have a map of the trails that they need to update, but would then make it available to the Park Commission. Josh said they have no objections to cross country skiers, but do not have landowner permission for anything but snowmobile use of their trails. They have intricate and complete signage for the trails and Josh invited us to walk the trails.
  1. There were no Planning Board or Selectfolk concerns.
  2. Carol Korty reported on Freshwater Initiative activities. John Peckenham is awaiting feedback on his grant application from the Island Foundation.
  1. Donna Theall read her write-up on the Conservation Commission Award rules. She will make some edits and have it available at the next meeting. The information will be sent to Stu Marckoon for circulation.

Meeting adjourned at 9:22 .

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary.

Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on November 8, 2006 by a vote of 5 to 0.

Fred Stocking, Chair