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Lamoine Conservation Commission Minutes

January 31, 2007

Present: Fred Stocking, Carol Korty, Bob Pulver, Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Donna Theall, and Donna Thorburn, Alternate.

Attending public: Joan and Aubrey Strout, Lucia Michielli, Nancy Pochan, Kathy DeFusco, Ken Smith, Jo Cooper. Josh Willard, Mike Garrett.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 .

  1. Carol Korty read the minutes of November 8, 2006 , which were approved with minor corrections, by a vote of 5 to 0. Donna Theall read the minutes of December 13, 2006 . Minutes were approved as amended on a vote of 5 to 0.
  2. Recycling Committee Donna Thorburn passed around copies of the final brochure. The members were very pleased with the brochure. Nancy Pochan noted that her phone number was wrong and the number was promptly corrected. The brochure will be distributed at Town Meeting on March 7, and they will be available at Town Hall. It was also suggested to enclose them in the registration notices. Nancy Pochan reported that the compost bins will cost $39.50 each and must be ordered no later than April 2. This year there is also a scrap bucket for sale for $10.50. Folks can fill out order forms and pay for the items at Town Hall. Checks must be made out to MRRA (Maine Resource Recovery Association). Bins and buckets will be available for pickup at the transfer station on Saturday, May 12, from 8:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. A press release about the bins and buckets will be prepared for distribution next week. A photo and article on the sale will be sent to Stu to put on the Town web site. Many present learned that Lamoine does not recycle manila envelopes, file folders, junk mail or envelopes. Only white office paper, with staples removed, can go into the blue bins inside the recycling building. We need to think about what signs we should have that will encourage recycling.
  3. Freshwater Initiative Update and Bangor Hydro update Bob Pulver said the GET WET! water testing project in the Lamoine and Ellsworth classrooms went well with a good turnout of adult volunteers to help in Lamoine. He is planning to put the data on a spread sheet, but was informed that Marti Dayton was planning to do that after February vacation. There are now two years of data on the water testing. Bob will try to contact Mr. Haskell of the Hancock School to see if he has students interested in doing the water testing in Hancock. He will send him information on the Get Wet! Program. Bob suggested enclosing a flyer from John Peckenham and Teresa Thornton. Carol will safeguard all the materials about the GET WET! project she has received from John Peckenham. Carol reported on her work thus far on inactive, unreclaimed gravel pits. She found that Project Canopy will not consider grants for tree planting on privately owned land, so they can't be a potential source for reclamation funds. Any solution regarding these pits would be problematical and costly, but F. Stocking suggested that Carol would need to research ownership of the pits before looking into grant support for their reclamation. She also mentioned her ongoing concern about grandfathered pits that are in use now; she believes when these pits are up for their three year renewal of licensing, the new regulations should apply. K. Smith suggested calling DEP about permitting requirements. N. Pochan suggested that under Project Canopy, or another source, we could get trees donated and have the schoolchildren plant them around the school . B. Pulver will bring it up at the next School Committee meeting. On the matter of Bangor Hydro (BH), LCC has sent the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) a letter (copy attached) requesting that PUC require Bangor Hydro to control brush by cutting rather than by using herbicides within ¼ mile near the aquifer if they grant BH's petition. To further support this request, letters have been sent to Bangor Hydro from Dexter Bellows , chair of Hancock's Board of Selectmen, and Michelle Gagnon, Ellsworth 's City Planner.
  4. Planning Board or Selectfolk concerns Jo Cooper indicated that the warrant article regarding the establishment of a dedicated fund for acquisition of land and easements, brought before the Budget Committee in December, was discussed at the latest Budget Committee meeting and they decided to recommend not to fund the request. The Lamoine Conservation Commission will continue to support our warrants for land conservation. C. Korty attended the Planning Board meeting and raised the issue of the 12 contiguous lots and required open land.
  5. Listening to the concerns of those attending K. Smith reported on a presentation made by LaMarr Cannon of the Maine Non-Point Education for Municipal Officials Program (Maine NEMO Program), a national program sponsored in Maine by the DEP and the State Planning Office. The presentation was made at the Hancock County Planning Commission's "Striking a Balance" workshop held on January 31, 2007.   The new stormwater management regulations that became effective in Maine on November 16, 2005, were revised slightly in 2006.  Projects that disturb more than one acre of land require a DEP permit.   The regulations apply primarily to commercial and residential developments - construction of a single family residence on a legal parcel and forest management roadways are specifically excluded.    The size of the development determines the specific standards that apply.  All developments will be encouraged or required (depending on size) to minimize stormwater runoff.  Some developments (especially the larger ones) may be required to utilize flow reduction and control devices as well as quality control devices and procedures to minimize temperature and phosphorous concentrations.  Detention ponds with filter underdrains, biofilters (a sunken garden with filter underdrains) and filter strips alongside roadways or the down-slope side of individual house lots may be required.  If so, the DEP will hold and enforce easements on them to ensure long term performance. C. Korty raised the issue of sludge, having recently talked with a Toxics Action representative who said no heavy metals are removed from sludge that is sold as fertilizer, and that bacteria killed in the preparation process may regrow in cool, dark, moist areas. Korty feels that because of this, our ordinance on gravel mining should specify that sludge not be permitted for use in the reclamation process.
  6. Fred told amusing story of attending a meeting in 1991 about identifying floodplain areas in Lamoine. Theonly other resident in attendance was Bob Alvarez. On December 14, 2007 , Fred attended a FEMA meeting to discuss floodplain areas in Lamoine. The only other resident was Bob Alvarez. Some things never change.
  7. Land Conservation Award. F. Stocking distributed a write-up to be presented to the Colemans and askedfor comments. He will ask the selectmen if we can present the write-up and plaque to the Colemans at the start of the Town Meeting on March 7. Fred and LTW will visit the Colemans on Sunday to let them know about the award.
  8. Annual Report to Town Fred distributed copies of his report to the town. Conclusion we did a lot!
  9. Priorities for LCC in 2007 tabled until February meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:16 .

Respectfully submitted by Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Secretary.

Reviewed and accepted by the Lamoine Conservation Commission on February 28, 2007 , by a vote of 4 to 0.

Fred Stocking, Chair